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The Top Ten

1 Be a Member With the Most Popular Top Ten Lists

I wish, my lists aren't even that popular! Crossing my finger!

If you guys are reading this can you please check my account, I would be a very happy person. - NerdyPweeps

All this stuff is great. I have already achived 2nd most comments anyways. - moose4life19

2 Have one of the Most Popular Top Ten Lists.

Definitely one of my goals - Celestius

3 Be a Member With the Most Top Ten Lists
4 Be a Member Befriended the Most
5 Be a Member With the Most Comments
6 Being #1 on the list Top 10 Users of TheTopTens
7 Have One of Your Lists Favorited by the Admin or Heather
8 Having a list dedicated to you not made by you
9 Having a Famous Person Adding You
10 Help to create the definitive site that the world thinks of when wanting to compare things.

The Contenders

11 You Being the Reason more People joined The-Top-Tens
12 Be Popular
13 Give Admin Great Ideas to Be Put In TheTopTens
14 Be the Next Owner of TheTopTens

I wish I made this awesome site my way - Jake09

15 Be Remembered

One way to do this; get into TheTopTens hall of fame. With all humility, I'd say I'm there already. I joined this site 3 months ago with no idea I'd be this popular. Thank you, all those people! - PositronWildhawk

16 Be the Most Friended Member

Satguru rampal Ji maharaj of great saran of word.

17 Be the #1 Blog Maker
18 Be the #1 List Maker About Michael Jackson

I'm heading for this one - SmoothCriminal

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