Top Ten Things You Want People to Know but Won't Tell Them


The Top Ten

1 That they have a boogie
2 That they're wrong
3 That you don't like them

I've never wanted to tell anyone that I dislike them, because even if I don't like them, I've never seen the point in hurting their feelings. I just tolerate them for the sake of an easy life. Any decent person would do the same. I'm probably tolerated by those who dislike me too. - Britgirl

Great item, Relatable for many people.
I let the person know if I don't like them though
what's with the fake smile, sugar coated words and the fire inside? Why not be real with what you feel and reveal?
Nothing can hurt a person more than being lied about feelings, anyone would expect truth about that.
I don't understand the people who act.., who lie on the face or behave in such a positive way when it's not even the truth, I've no idea how can anyone keep someone in darkness like that, it's cruel. - Ananya

4 That their breath smells

If they already know than that is there problem. - ParasN2000

5 That they should get help
6 That they're right

Especially with people you dislike or if you have too much pride for that. - ParasN2000

7 That you like them

Ahh the conflictions of having a crush. We've all been there. - ParasN2000

My comment on the item "That you don't like them" My comment to that is more suited here. - Britgirl

8 That they made a mistake
9 That their food wasn't good
10 That they have a bad taste in fashion

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11 That they have food between their teeth
12 That they should get a haircut
13 That they're a terrible parent
14 That they're not the center of the universe
15 They smell
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