Top Ten Things You Want People to Know but Won't Tell Them


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1 That you don't like them

I've never wanted to tell anyone that I dislike them, because even if I don't like them, I've never seen the point in hurting their feelings. I just tolerate them for the sake of an easy life. Any decent person would do the same. I'm probably tolerated by those who dislike me too. - Britgirl

I just say it out in the open - Demon_Kitty

Great item, Relatable for many people.
I let the person know if I don't like them though
what's with the fake smile, sugar coated words and the fire inside? Why not be real with what you feel and reveal?
Nothing can hurt a person more than being lied about feelings, anyone would expect truth about that.
I don't understand the people who act.., who lie on the face or behave in such a positive way when it's not even the truth, I've no idea how can anyone keep someone in darkness like that, it's cruel. - Ananya

2 That they have a boogie
3 That they're wrong
4 That their breath smells

If they already know than that is there problem. - ParasN2000

5 That they should get help
6 That they're right

Especially with people you dislike or if you have too much pride for that. - ParasN2000

7 That you like them

Ahh the conflictions of having a crush. We've all been there. - ParasN2000

8 That they made a mistake
9 That their food wasn't good
10 That they have a bad taste in fashion

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11 That they have food between their teeth
12 That they should get a haircut
13 That they're a terrible parent
14 That they're not the center of the universe
15 They smell
16 That they put on their clothes wrong

One of the girls on my basketball team put her shorts on inside out and never realized it. She was just playing with her shorts like that and I kinda felt bad, but then again she is a jerk sooo...

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