Top 10 Things You Will Do If You Bump Into a Clown

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1 Knock Him Out

Why do you guys hate clowns so much

Question, how are there 117 listings for what to do to a clown? - Catception

Die Ronald McDonald! Lol. - Pony

2 Have a Comedy Competition

No clown can match my power of telling funny jokes...i stole from lots of TheTopTens lists. - UltimateHybridX

3 Send Him to a Circus
4 Run Over Him
5 Scream
6 Cry
7 Keep Him
8 Tell Him to Get a Life
9 Shoot Him
10 Laugh at Him

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11 Shave His Hair and Throw Him Into a Volcano

Now that was just plain ole mean I am angry about that my uncle andy is/was a clown 🤡 were you I am then that means/meant that I
Am ashamed of you

great idea

12 Fart On Him With Your Butt Sticking Out of Your Pants

what - SirSkeletorThe3rd

13 Ask Him If He's Seen TheTopTens

Hell no no clown is joining this site
It's against speed's term of policiy - speed

14 Take His Balloon

You wanna float?

15 Eat Him
16 Challenge Him to an Arm Wrestling Match
17 Tell Him He's Not Real
18 Pee On Him to Show Dominance
19 Kill Him
20 Flush Him Down the Toilet
21 Throw Him Into a River
22 Puke
23 Punch Him In the Face
24 Whack Him With a Bat
25 Send Him to Prison
26 Puke Up Blood
27 Burn Him
28 Put a Lighter Against Him and See If He Catches Fire
29 Get an Army of Muscular Men to Deal With Him
30 Throw a Brick at Him
31 Honk His Nose
32 Rob Him
33 Kidnap and Torture Him In Front of a Whole Bunch of Mimes
34 Give the Middle Finger
35 Beat Him Up
36 Send Him to Space Where He Will Never Be Seen Again
37 Give Him a Hydrogen Bomb and Say "It's Better to Blow This Up Than Give Balloons to Kids"
38 Smash Him In the Face With an Electric or Bass Guitar
39 Run
40 Dump a Cat's Litterbox On Him
41 Swear
42 Slap Him In the Face
43 Shove Him In the Oven and Turn It On Full Heat
44 Strangle Him
45 Ignore Him
46 Have Your Dog Viciously Maul Him and Pee On Him
47 Dump Buckets of Acid On Him
48 Kick Him
49 Spit On Him
50 Force Him to Play Bubsy 3D
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