10 Things You Will Likely Do This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a really awesome holiday to celebrate.

It is. I can guess what you will do this Thanksgiving.

The Top Ten 10 Things You Will Likely Do This Thanksgiving

1 Share the big turkey
2 Say what you're thankful for
3 Invite friends to your house

If not you will problably go to your friend's house. - Koolness88

4 Hog the turkey and not let anyone eat it

MY Turkey NOT YOURS! - Koolness88

5 Throw out your brussels sprouts if you get any

Eww! Who likes brussel sprouts. - Koolness88

6 Eat as much as you can until you get really full

I do this EVERY Thanksgiving!

7 Eat pie

Most likely apple or pumpkin. - Koolness88

8 Be the person who cuts the turkey
9 Dress up like a pilgrim
10 Mash your mashed potatoes on your plate

This is the most important thing to do!
Don't forget! - Flamesofsilver

The Contenders

11 Go shopping
12 Watch the Godfather
13 Sleep on the couch
14 Spend the time alone
15 Call your cousin a monster
16 Watch the Macy's Parade on NBC
17 Watch football
18 Play football
19 Start a food fight
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