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1 Format

Every Witch Way is a great show, but the main problem is its format, it's a weekdaily show and ends in cliffhangers, and many people will think the weekdaily format with cliffhangers makes it a soap opera, but do you realize that it won't run as long as one and it's targeted towards ALL AGES of ALL GENDERS! Yet soap operas are targeted toward teenage girls and adult women, if it was a soap opera (if nick doesn't make any more mistakes), then it would not have a T.V. -G rating, which it does since it's g rated and clean, it is a children's telenovela, children's telenovelas a re soap opera-like shows that run for a limited amount of time and gear towards children and are popular in latin america, yet this is an adaptation of a latin American show called Grachi, let people know.

2 Reruns on Nickelodeon every day

I wish it reran every single day of my life, which is this show. Also, I wish it was not only one month, which is dumb

Nickelodeon needs to air reruns of Every Witch Way more often, they never have reruns until a new season comes up, and they only air on TeenNick, Nick needs to air one rerun on Nick every single day. - nelsonerico

3 One Month Seasons

Each season is only 1 month long, they need to make the seasons longer and have the episodes occur once or twice a week. - nelsonerico

4 Longer Episodes

Disney's Houser of Mouse and Hercules: the Animated Series should have 1 hr long episodes!

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