Top Ten Things You Wish You Were Good At

What do you really wish you could excel in? Some of the items are my personal choices and I threw some others in just for the hell of it. Add some of your own if you fancy.
The Top Ten
1 Singing

I used to have singing lessons and I could sing well but ever since I stopped, I can’t sing anymore and I’m very insecure about my singing. I still wish I had a good singing voice

I can hold water in a bucket with a hole in better than I can hold a tune.

I wish I could hold a tune! I love Singing I'm just not skilled at it!

I think I'm a good singer

2 Dancing

Where's Being Batman?
(I would also like to like dancing, don't know why I hate dancing)

I love dancing but I have more left feet than a lost property cupboard!

3 Maths

Keep practising, my friend. You may do so some day; you never know.

Every Asian parent's dream

It’s dragging my GPA down

Take it from someone who took Algebra 2 in 8th grade- being good at math is taken for granted if you are good at it I've noticed

4 Sports
5 Public Speaking

What is the thing you most wish you were great at

6 Being Creative

This is something I must be good at, otherwise I won't reach my dreams of being an author

I'd be better of in my life if I had Creativity & tried it out

7 Painting

So hard when you have vision issues

my husband is a very good painter, alas I am not, but it's ok because I don't really like doing it anyway.

8 Making Friends

I am pretty good at this?, people like me and just start talking to me, so I guess I am good at it.

9 Making People Laugh

I'm great at making people laugh and why do yo want to be good at Sports? PE is like the worst school thing ever. Sports just having you kick a ball

I'm already good at this! I'm the main comedian in my family! Unfortunately my mom finds a lot of my humor offensive...

Well, thank you very much, beatles. Always a pleasure, I'm sure. : )

Au contraire, Britgirl, the pleasure belongs to the person reading one of your comments or lists!

10 Speaking a Foreign Language

I'd love to learn Welsh.

I'm also fluent in Cantonese!

The Contenders
11 Spelling
12 Drawing

If I can't be a novel writer, I'll be a comic writer, so I wanna be a drawing expert too. It's pretty hard though. I've been practicing for a long time and I still really suck at it

I can draw cartoons

13 Grammar
14 Expressing Positive Emotions

Every Christmas, when I get a big present I really wanted, people always ask me "why aren't you happy" b/c I'm not totally flipping out. Why can't they understand I'm extremely happy!?

15 Juggling
16 Losing Weight
17 Resisting Temptation

When it comes to desserts and sweets, I'm a MASTER at this. The rest of my family, not so much

18 Martial Arts

Oh, yes! I SO wish I were a better ninja. So frustrating when you're only a little bit good. Tsk!

Wanna be a ninja? Simply walk into a spider web

YES! that way I could kick someone in the nuts even better.

19 Lying
20 Playing Music
21 Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

nope can't do it, I can't swim at all.

22 Fighting
23 Do It Yourself

I tried to hang framed photos on my bedroom wall by myself several years ago, but I failed. The photo constantly fell off my wall. My mom had to help me.

I've never blamed anyone for my D.I.Y. mistakes. When my books fell on me, I totally blamed my-shelf.

24 Doing Homework
25 Graphic Design

I do horrible/badly photoshopped pics and video editing. I really want to improve my skills in order to make professional quality YTPs.

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