Top 10 Things You Won't Believe Have Names


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1 Something that resembles a butt - Natiform

I added images - this one is quite funny.
Update 1: I added the images 6 days ago... still not on here. I guess they will show up when this list isn't on the "Hottest New Lists" page. But after that perhaps nobody will ever see them... Admin should learn to prioritize.
Update 2: SOME of the images have shown up on the 7th day... - Metal_Treasure

2 Misheard song lyrics - Mondegreen Misheard song lyrics - Mondegreen

The image shows misheard lyrics from Metallica's Fuel
(actual lyric: Gimme fuel, Gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire) - Metal_Treasure

Like some lyrics from Lacrymosa (dias alla, Lachrymosa)
And another one from Whisper
(Servatis a periculum, Servatis a malifico)

3 The way it smells outside after rain - Petrichor

I heard of this word for the first time thanks to the song "Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise" by Ne Obliviscaris.
Yup, extreme metal lyrics are... educational. And poetic. - Metal_Treasure

4 ?! - Interrobang

Interrobang?! What?! - Britgirl

Why do you use interrobangs so often?! - Metal_Treasure

I'm very pleased and surprised that I'm using interrobangs so much?!?!?! - Kevinsidis

Why I can't stop using Interrobangs so much?!?! - Kevinsidis

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5 Unreadable handwriting - Griffonage Unreadable handwriting - Griffonage

I've never heard of this but I think I suffer greatly from it. - Britgirl

My dyslexic friend Charles has one of the complex griffonage that one joked that it looks like Japanese! - Kevinsidis

6 The pound (#) button on a telephone - Octothorpe

Every time I go onto a user's profile, the URL says "#Username". I hope that's not an instruction. - PositronWildhawk

Octothrope was invented by an octopus. - TeamRocket747

"To repeat this message, press the octo... octotho...octothorpe key".
Oh, come on, just press the pound key. - Metal_Treasure

7 The state of finding it hard to get out of the bed in the morning - Dysania

Dysania happens to me on school mornings. Luckily I'm on summer break and I will be in 6th in August. - TeamRocket747

Now I know how to make my condition sound more serious. - PositronWildhawk

8 The space between your eyebrows - Glabella The space between your eyebrows - Glabella

I'm familiar with this term. It is used for the part of the exoskeleton between the eyes of trilobites. Now I've learned that it's also used for humans. - Crwth

Rainbow's album Straight Between the Eyes can be renamed to Straight Into the Glabella - Metal_Treasure

I hope that the Cia won't put a red dot on my Glabella which they consider me an evil genius - Kevinsidis

Wait what? people don't know this? list doesn't make much sense
(.-.) - Jezz

Can't wait to see your lists that would make much more sense than this one. But I'm afraid it wouldn't happen anytime soon. - Metal_Treasure

9 A disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to dance - Tarantism

I used to suffer from tarantism but got cured ;-) - Metal_Treasure

10 The "you are here" sign - Ideolocator The

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11 The white, crescent shaped part of the nail - Lunule The white, crescent shaped part of the nail - Lunule

"Luna" plus a diminutive suffix, so it means "little moon". That's so cute! - Crwth

12 When your second toe is bigger than your big toe - Morton's toe

My 2nd toe is almost the same size as my big toe lol

13 The "na na nas" and "la la las" in song lyrics - Vocable

That most meaningful part of the lyrics... - Metal_Treasure

14 The metal part at the end of a pencil - Ferrule The metal part at the end of a pencil - Ferrule
15 The day after tomorrow - Overmorrow
16 Fear of being watched by a duck - Anatidaephobia

I'm lucky I don't suffer from this, LOL - Metal_Treasure

17 When you separate a word into two for effect - Tmesis

That's fan-bloody-tastic! - Metal_Treasure

18 Non-gender specific term for a niece or nephew - Nibling
19 The plastic coating on a shoelace - Aglet The plastic coating on a shoelace - Aglet

Oh yeah! Like that one Phineas and Ferb episode about aglets, lol!

20 The bottom of a wine bottle - Punt
21 To throw out a window - Defenestrate
22 Man-boobs - Gynecomastia
23 The cardboard sleeve on a coffee cup - Zarf
24 The dot on the letter i and j - Tittle
25 The feeling of romance brought on by the spring weather - Vernalagnia
26 The cry of a newborn baby - Vagitus
27 The outer part of a pizza crust - Cornicione
28 Beer foam - Barm
29 Infinity symbol - Lemniscate
30 To Throw from a Window - Defenestrate
31 The fleshy skin around a turkey's throat - Snood
32 Division Sign - Obelus
33 Silent letter - Aphthong
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