Top 10 Things You Won't Believe Have Names

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Something that resembles a butt - Natiform
Misheard song lyrics - Mondegreen

The image shows misheard lyrics from Metallica's Fuel
(actual lyric: Gimme fuel, Gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire)

Like some lyrics from Lacrymosa (dias alla, Lachrymosa)
And another one from Whisper
(Servatis a periculum, Servatis a malifico)

The way it smells outside after rain - Petrichor

I heard of this word for the first time thanks to the song "Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise" by Ne Obliviscaris.
Yup, extreme metal lyrics are... educational. And poetic.

?! - Interrobang

I'm very pleased and surprised that I'm using interrobangs so much?!?!?!

Why I can't stop using Interrobangs so much?!?!

Why do you use interrobangs so often?!

I learnt this one from Barry Trotter

Unreadable handwriting - Griffonage

My dyslexic friend Charles has one of the complex griffonage that one joked that it looks like Japanese!

I've never heard of this but I think I suffer greatly from it.

The pound (#) button on a telephone - Octothorpe

Every time I go onto a user's profile, the URL says "#Username". I hope that's not an instruction.

Octothrope was invented by an octopus.

"To repeat this message, press the octo... octotho...octothorpe key".
Oh, come on, just press the pound key.

The state of finding it hard to get out of the bed in the morning - Dysania

Dysania happens to me on school mornings. Luckily I'm on summer break and I will be in 6th in August.

Now I know how to make my condition sound more serious.

The space between your eyebrows - Glabella

I'm familiar with this term. It is used for the part of the exoskeleton between the eyes of trilobites. Now I've learned that it's also used for humans.

Rainbow's album Straight Between the Eyes can be renamed to Straight Into the Glabella

I hope that the Cia won't put a red dot on my Glabella which they consider me an evil genius

Hmm? It's a pretty usual term.

A disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to dance - Tarantism

I used to suffer from tarantism but got cured ;-)

The "you are here" sign - Ideolocator

Yep. That's true!

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The white, crescent shaped part of the nail - Lunule

"Luna" plus a diminutive suffix, so it means "little moon". That's so cute!

When your second toe is bigger than your big toe - Morton's toe

My 2nd toe is almost the same size as my big toe lol

The "na na nas" and "la la las" in song lyrics - Vocable

That most meaningful part of the lyrics...

The day after tomorrow - Overmorrow
The metal part at the end of a pencil - Ferrule
When you separate a word into two for effect - Tmesis

How do you pronounce it?

That's fan-bloody-tastic!

Fear of being watched by a duck - Anatidaephobia

I'm lucky I don't suffer from this, LOL

Non-gender specific term for a niece or nephew - Nibling

Nibbling yum yum yum

The plastic coating on a shoelace - Aglet

Oh yeah! Like that one Phineas and Ferb episode about aglets, lol!

I thought this would be on the list.

The dot on the letter i and j - Tittle

Think I've heard this before.

The sideways loop on a roller coaster - Corkscrew
The bottom of a wine bottle - Punt
To throw out a window - Defenestrate
Man-boobs - Gynecomastia
The cardboard sleeve on a coffee cup - Zarf
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