Top 10 Things You Would Almost Never Know at an Uneducated First Glance About Certain Video Games


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1 DOG is actually supposed to be a domesticated dog and not a massive, hulking gorilla - Half-Life 2
2 The Buster Sword is wielded effortlessly by a character with barely any muscle mass to speak of - Final Fantasy VII
3 One of the random dead-end rock walls in the game requires you to equip the Red Crystal and absentmindedly crouch in front of it in order to progress - Castlevania 2
4 Sakura, beneath her terrifyingly gargantuan muscle mass, is actually a woman - Danganronpa
5 Kratos is voiced by one of the nicest guys on Earth - God Of War
6 Samus is actually female underneath her iconic space-marine suit - Metroid
7 Flowey and Alphys are actually two of the scariest characters in the entire game besides the Amalgamates - Undertale
8 Parappa was voiced by an actual giant black dude with dreadlocks - Parappa The Rapper
9 Getting the good ending requires you to leave Booster (possibly to die) in a seemingly inescapable landfill canyon - Cave Story
10 It is by Far the Most Vulgar Game of the 1990s and is Actually One of the Most Violent Ones as Well - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Ick. This is why I will never play Conker's Bad Fur Day. - Synchronocity

The Contenders

11 The tangled, overgrown mess of vegetation that Samus encounters early on in the game actually still IS Brinstar - Super Metroid
12 The Weighted Companion Cube Will Never Threaten to Stab You and in Fact Cannot Speak - Portal
13 Junko Enoshima Isn't Harley Quinn in Disguise - Danganronpa
14 Actually Two of the Saddest Games Since Mother 3 - Cave Story and Undertale
15 Dark Samus' True Identity is Actually Metroid Prime Itself - Metroid Prime 2 and 3
16 Junko Enoshima is Actually the Puppetmaster Controlling Monokuma, and Her Corpse from the Beginning of the Game Was Actually a Fake - Danganronpa

Junko did it. - Synchronocity

17 Lammy is supposed to be a sheep; a flat-chested, redheaded, guitar-playing, heavily stoned, boyishly dressed, female sheep with horns, to be more precise - Um Jammer Lammy
18 Chihiro Fujisaki is actually a boy dressed as a girl - Danganronpa
19 Has some of the most disturbing final bosses in gaming history - Kirby Franchise
20 Is actually darker than Twilight Princess - Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker
21 Also have some of the most disturbing final bosses in gaming - Earthbound and Mother 3
22 Was originally going to be structured in the exact style of Super Mario 64, complete with the paintings - Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
23 Started out as a blatant ripoff of Halo during early development - Metroid Prime
24 Actually WASN'T intended solely to cash in on Earthbound's cult success - Undertale
25 Mario is actually supposed to be a legit professional doctor in the game - Dr. Mario
26 In order to finish the game, you have to jump into an average-sized, completely random bird - Super Pitfall
27 How you're actually supposed to solve the puzzles - Milon's Secret Castle
28 How you're actually supposed to clear the levels - Little Red Hood
29 Game comes with a built-in continue code - Super Mario Bros.
30 Kiyotaka Ishimaru actually ISN'T a former drill sergeant - Danganronpa
31 Wario has perfectly white and square teeth - Super Mario Bros.
32 Meta Knight is the most powerful character in the game - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
33 Charizard can't burn down saplings - Pokemon
34 There are seriously giant staircases hidden underneath saplings - Legend Of Zelda
35 Power Bombs allow you to perform the Beam Combo and Crystal Flash moves - Super Metroid
36 The characters actually have deliberately flattened models in Flat Zone - Super Smash Bros.
37 Monstar is one of the weakest enemies, let alone bosses, in the game - Paper Mario
38 It would later evolve to become one of the biggest franchises in the fighting-game genre - Super Smash Bros.
39 There is literally no way to actually buy Ribbons, even though you NEED them for the One-Winged Angel endboss - Final Fantasy VII
40 Byakuya Togami was actually going to become almost as fat as Hifumi Yamada once the sequel rolled around - Danganronpa
41 The Omega Metroid endboss is actually what the Omegas were originally intended to look like in the first place - Metroid Fusion
42 GLaDOS' voice belongs to a giant mechanical tentacle abomination dangling from the ceiling of her chamber - Portal
43 Mimi possesses the ability to invert her entire body into a demonic eldritch spider from Hell - Super Paper Mario
44 The Godzilla-sized Kraid that you encounter in Lower Brinstar is actually the same two-foot tall one that you fought back on the NES - Super Metroid
45 Undyne is a woman - Undertale
46 Alphys is a woman - Undertale
47 Kefka ISN'T the Joker in ludicrously thin disguise - Final Fantasy VI
48 Lavos Has Mutated Versions of Both Cell and Frieza (From Dragon Ball Z) Living Inside Him in Russian Doll Format - Chrono Trigger
49 Papyrus Isn't the Main Protagonist of the Game - Undertale
50 Frisk and Chara Aren't Both the Exact Same Person Wearing Slightly Different Outfits - Undertale
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