Top Ten Things You Would Bring With You If You Ran Away from Home


The Top Ten

1 A Person You Care About

How can VIDEO GAMES be above this?! - Ku

Yes, to eat them later on when I'm in dire need of food.

I would NOT run away without someone I love.When you run away,you cansurvive with someone you trust.
-Cupcake Queen

2 Clothes

The most important of all. Do not forget the accessories! - birdechosplash

3 Videogames
4 Toys

I would just bring 1. Too many will take up room in your bag. - birdechosplash

5 Your Phone

Would there be WiFi or an outlet to charge where you are running away to? - Ku

6 Flashlight

For in case you travel by night, hoping not to be seen. - birdechosplash

7 Trophies
8 Money

I always have money with me anyway. - birdechosplash

9 Food

How else will you survive? You will only need to spend money, once you have run out. - birdechosplash

10 Self Cleaning Products

Hygiene. LOL. Very important, though! - birdechosplash

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11 Dishes
12 Photos With Happy Memories
13 Fan
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