Top Ten Things You Would Communicate Using Telepathy

To the person / people who can't be with you for whatever reason. Don't you wish you could communicate these thoughts to them? You may have your own.

The Top Ten

1 Love

When a loved one is away, I always try to send my love through thought and hope that they know I'm thinking of them - Britgirl

I'd be way luckier with this power! - Curti2594

2 Luck
3 Happiness
4 Positivity

Thank-you for such a wonderful list, Britgirl... All of these are beautiful emotions to express to someone through telepathy. And it works! I've spoken to loved ones who were far away, yet we found that we thought of each other at the same times... - beatles

So pleased you like this list, Beatles; and you are welcome! Your comment struck a chord with me as this also happens sometimes between me and loved ones when we've been apart... - Britgirl

5 Health
6 Support

Such a nice thing! - Curti2594

7 Friendship
8 Trust
9 Warmth

Does sending someone messages count? - Curti2594

10 Well Being

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