Top 10 Things You Would Do As President


The Top Ten

1 Ban Justin Bieber and his songs from your country

Yes! No more Justin Bieber - Delgia2k

2 Order all people to be cool
3 Order all people to read your lists

Well, you're gonna be the most popular person on the internet - Delgia2k

4 End Racism

I wonder if you can do that - Delgia2k

5 Name everything after you

Like, um United state of poistronwildhawk (i know he is English, I'm just giving an example) - Delgia2k

6 Make your favorite song your national song

You know what I mean? - Delgia2k

7 Ban Nicki Minaj from your country

She will realize she is stupid hoe - Delgia2k

8 Send an army to kill Justin Bieber

Which one is better, ban him or kill him? - Delgia2k

Ban him, then kill him, he will just go to his own private island where he is lonely and have no food, and guards will keep him in the very, very small island until he dies. That's all to it, so he'll die miserably. - funnyuser

9 Ban Miley Cyrus from your country

You will ban her because she uses wrecking ball to destroy your country - Delgia2k

10 Legalize porn

I suggest you not do that - Delgia2k

The Contenders

11 Deport all illegal immigrants


12 Legalise Street Racing
13 Make the USA Communist
14 Legalize marijuana
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