Top Ten Things You Would Do If You Were To Meet Justin Beiber In Person


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1 Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens

Let everything be quite a surprise for the girl. - PositronWildhawk

It would be amazing because here in TheTopTens pretty much everyone hates his guts.

That be really funny if he saw the worst singers list. - HappyFlower

A lot of guys hate him - Neonco31

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2 Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)

Why thank you PositronWildhawk when you implied that a ten year old could beat Justin Beaver in a matter of seconds I believe you were talking about me. and I would gladly beat some sense in to Justin Beaver. - FrankP

Even a ten year old would win in a matter of seconds. - PositronWildhawk

He is a loser, besides I'd sit on him like a little kid would on santa's lap. - jbsucks11

Good because I'm gonna be ten soon

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3 Build a dam and suggest that he live in it

No, that's just an insult to beavers! - BetterThanYou

A perfect home for Justin Beaver - Neonco31

Kind of where he deserves to live.

No, give him a doll house, he IS Justin BARBIE! 👸

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4 Ask him how many singing girls are jailed twice before 20 V 2 Comments
5 Throw him into a river

Can He (Justin beaver) swim? I think he can't... So throw him... !

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6 Shake a rattle for the "Baby"

Good idea, but he would not take it too well...

Will he spit on it or abandon it in Germany - Nateawesomeness

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7 If he doesn't understand something, say it's German

I reckon that he's tired of this sometimes - PositronWildhawk

Yes, that is so true. - moonwolf

8 Kill him

You know, Justin Bieber may be mean and sings badly, but this list is no more offensive than Most Hated Countries.

And still the police won't arrest me because maybe they also want this to happen

He needs to be shot by the police heck yeah

Well I'm not defending Bieber but seriously you all guys take the level of hate to an extraordinary stage... Listen how you all gonna feel If someone kill you without any proper reason. Everyone has right to live.
Live & Let Live...I'm not hurting someone I just say what's on my mind but most of the time people can't handle the truth - Righteous

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9 Flush him down the toilet

He's crap, so he'll fit in

Its where he belongs

"He's crap, so he'll fit in"

I hope that when she goes to the sewer, the ninja turtles kick her butt

10 Punch Him in the Face

But wait... You can't hit a girl... - Minecraftcrazy530

I would feel so good until I'm jailed for hitting a woman.

Thanks for the hilarious comment! I'm dying in my bedroom laughing right now! - RockFashionista

Maybe he should be punched in the face because he is so annoying

I would, but I would be jailed for child abuse. - shawnmccaul22

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11 Shave His Hair Then Push Him Down A Volcano

Preferably pubic hair, if he even has any.

Brutal Is My Middle Name PositronWildHawk - topbesttopworst

Oh my bloody God. Absolutely brutal. - PositronWildhawk

I think shaving his hair is the only hing you need to do! Hair matters a lot to a girl so that'll be punishment enough. - FennikenFan9

12 Teach him how to dress himself

"okay, justin beaver, put this on and go out in public.*hands him a Peppa pig shirt*

That would be pretty funny! - Rorywilbren

13 Shoot him

Yes! I would shoot him. He sucks so badly. Even if I go to prison, I would probably say, sooo worth it. Good music is avenged, you know cause he murdered real music.

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14 Put a lighter against his skin and see if he catches fire

You all enjoy on torturing a person like this, seriously shame on all you. Hate to Bieber is OK cause everyone have different opinions but thinking that may he burn feels like humanity doesn't exist in World. You all are like the next President deserving candidate in North Korea exact copy of Kim Jong - Righteous

If it dose not work try again, but this time dump gasoline on him. 8) watch him burn, HA HA HA HA.

With all of that oil on him, it may just work. - PositronWildhawk

That's basically burn her, but good enough

15 Recruit an army of muscular men to deal with him
16 Throw a brick at him
17 Cut off his penis and make him eat it.

But there's no penis to cut off.

That's so disgusting but clever at the same time.

It don't have no penis. Taylor Swift wrote blank space after her.

She has one? - shawnmccaul22

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18 Ask him whether he likes Big Brother or not V 1 Comment
19 Kidnap and torture him in front of Justin Bieber's girl fans

They would go insane, which would be hilarious!

Don't torture him. Decapitate him. Then, throw his head into the girls.

Watch those young girls cry and begging for Jusin to be free. HAHAAHA. (evil laugh)

20 Lock him in a men's prison shower room with a block of soap V 1 Comment
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1. Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)
2. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
3. Kill him
1. Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)
2. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
3. Build a dam and suggest that he live in it
1. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
2. Ask him how many singing girls are jailed twice before 20
3. Shake a rattle for the "Baby"

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