Top Ten Things You Would Do If You Were To Meet Justin Beiber In Person


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1 Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens

Let everything be quite a surprise for the girl. - PositronWildhawk

It would be amazing because here in TheTopTens pretty much everyone hates his guts.

That be really funny if he saw the worst singers list. - HappyFlower

A lot of guys hate him - Neonco31

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2 Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)

Why thank you PositronWildhawk when you implied that a ten year old could beat Justin Beaver in a matter of seconds I believe you were talking about me. and I would gladly beat some sense in to Justin Beaver. - FrankP

Even a ten year old would win in a matter of seconds. - PositronWildhawk

He is a loser, besides I'd sit on him like a little kid would on santa's lap. - jbsucks11

Good because I'm gonna be ten soon

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3 Build a dam and suggest that he live in it

No, that's just an insult to beavers! - BetterThanYou

A perfect home for Justin Beaver - Neonco31

Kind of where he deserves to live.

Justin beiber more like Justin beaver

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4 Ask him how many singing girls are jailed twice before 20

The answer is... him!

Are we talking about JB here? I'm pretty sure we are. - RockFashionista

5 Throw him into a river

Can He (Justin beaver) swim? I think he can't... So throw him... !

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6 Shake a rattle for the "Baby"

Good idea, but he would not take it too well...

Will he spit on it or abandon it in Germany - Nateawesomeness

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7 If he doesn't understand something, say it's German

I reckon that he's tired of this sometimes - PositronWildhawk

Yes, that is so true. - moonwolf

8 Kill him

You know, Justin Bieber may be mean and sings badly, but this list is no more offensive than Most Hated Countries.

And still the police won't arrest me because maybe they also want this to happen

He needs to be shot by the police heck yeah

Well I'm not defending Bieber but seriously you all guys take the level of hate to an extraordinary stage... Listen how you all gonna feel If someone kill you without any proper reason. Everyone has right to live.
Live & Let Live...I'm not hurting someone I just say what's on my mind but most of the time people can't handle the truth - Righteous

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9 Flush him down the toilet

He's crap, so he'll fit in

Its where he belongs

"He's crap, so he'll fit in"

I hope that when she goes to the sewer, the ninja turtles kick her butt

10 Punch Him in the Face

But wait... You can't hit a girl... - Minecraftcrazy530

I would feel so good until I'm jailed for hitting a woman.

Thanks for the hilarious comment! I'm dying in my bedroom laughing right now! - RockFashionista

Maybe he should be punched in the face because he is so annoying

I would, but I would be jailed for child abuse. - shawnmccaul22

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11 Shave His Hair Then Push Him Down A Volcano

Preferably pubic hair, if he even has any.

Brutal Is My Middle Name PositronWildHawk - topbesttopworst

Oh my bloody God. Absolutely brutal. - PositronWildhawk

I think shaving his hair is the only hing you need to do! Hair matters a lot to a girl so that'll be punishment enough. - FennikenFan9

12 Teach him how to dress himself

"okay, justin beaver, put this on and go out in public.*hands him a Peppa pig shirt*

That would be pretty funny! - Rorywilbren

13 Shoot him

Yes! I would shoot him. He sucks so badly. Even if I go to prison, I would probably say, sooo worth it. Good music is avenged, you know cause he murdered real music.

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14 Put a lighter against his skin and see if he catches fire

You all enjoy on torturing a person like this, seriously shame on all you. Hate to Bieber is OK cause everyone have different opinions but thinking that may he burn feels like humanity doesn't exist in World. You all are like the next President deserving candidate in North Korea exact copy of Kim Jong - Righteous

If it dose not work try again, but this time dump gasoline on him. 8) watch him burn, HA HA HA HA.

With all of that oil on him, it may just work. - PositronWildhawk

That's basically burn her, but good enough

15 Recruit an army of muscular men to deal with him
16 Throw a brick at him
17 Cut off his penis and make him eat it.

But there's no penis to cut off.

That's so disgusting but clever at the same time.

It don't have no penis. Taylor Swift wrote blank space after her.

She has one? - shawnmccaul22

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18 Ask him whether he likes Big Brother or not

We will see the real truth them - BigBrotherSucks

19 Kidnap and torture him in front of Justin Bieber's girl fans

They would go insane, which would be hilarious!

Don't torture him. Decapitate him. Then, throw his head into the girls.

Watch those young girls cry and begging for Jusin to be free. HAHAAHA. (evil laugh)

20 Lock him in a men's prison shower room with a block of soap

He would like that

21 Avenge or Defend Eminem

Why defend Selena Gomez when Bieber ruined one of Eminem's best songs. Now Eminem will go all out against him and I will side with him. - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

Eminem is my fave artist, Justin Bieber is my least

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22 Tie him to a chair and make him listen to nyan cat for 10 hours

How about tie him to a chair and make him listen to Baby for 10 hours?

Lavender town would be better than nyan cat

See how he likes being aurally tortured. - PositronWildhawk

23 Get all of your friends and hurt him like there's no tomorrow

All of my allies on TheTopTens shall side with yours truly. - PositronWildhawk

Then make foxy do the bite of 87 on her

My allies (including Positron funnyuser Britgirl and Kiterenmisu

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24 Get Justin Bieber Arrested
25 Rob Him

Best idea; you get money and you hurt Justin Bieber (of course, I don't actually advocate doing this. ) - kfcnyancat

26 Protect him from the jerks who don't like him

He deserves the hate he gets. His so called "music" is horrible and he has an equally horrible personality to go along with it. And he's not as cute as his fangirls try to make him out to be. Justin Bieber is a jackass! In fact, he's a complete and total joke!

I'm almost a black belt

You guys are jerks for thinking that just because you don't like him that he's automatically a loser. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for trolling him like this!

I hate when people hate on me!

Justin Bieber (if that's your real name), everyone on this site hates you. Including me. - RiverClanRocks

27 Fart on him with your butt poking out your pants

Peter griffin:*farts on beiber and runs*

28 Ask him if it's his time of the month

That stuff can't fit through the gap. It just accumulates and weighs him down. - PositronWildhawk

29 Ask him whether he is a boy or a girl

Surely a girl. I bet... - Greatness_Forever

30 Tell him how stupid he really is

Well actually not that he is an idiot but the fact (S)he is the greatest idiot ever known in history and the stupidest artist I've ever seen. He is probably blinded by all those who pretend to love him. He can't actually see that he is Hollywood's puppet and apart of him being an instrument to derive their fame he is nothing less than a senseless and naïve toy. Not less than a second Bieber will be of no use anymore. - Lynch

31 Casually keep on going with your day
32 Force him to listen to Metal for 10 hours
33 Make Sticks the Badger maul him

That would so make my day!

34 Kiss him

? What? I'd rather kill myself than kiss him.

I don't want to kiss you because you are a pimp

It's a lot better then killing him! Why do people say such mean things?!

Because he's an annoying, narcissistic, racist half-woman half-scrotum who deserves everything on this list. Or are you a fan of that sort of thing? - PositronWildhawk

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35 Nothing

Fans put this on the list. Ugh, fans... - Thatgirl

36 Beat him up

The police will be proud of me for doing that so he can go to jail again. - Connor360

37 Avenge or defend Selena Gomez
38 Puke

Let him know how horrible he really is.

39 Give the middle finger

Three words. Middle. Finger. Him.

I prefer do that... Brutallity...

40 Give him a hydrogen bomb and tell him, it's better to blow this off than sing

I think both has same effect isn't it? - glambert

41 Send him to space where he will never be seen again

With or without the helmet? PLEEZ let me know in the comments below!

42 Lock him up with Robin Thicke
43 Slap him
44 Smash him in the face with an electric or bass guitar

Maybe electric so he can get sapped

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45 Force him to sign 10,000 bits of paper and sell them on eBay

To whoever added this item, you've just given me a great idea. Thank you. And once that's done, I'll use a fraction of my profit to hire a professional assassin. - PositronWildhawk

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46 Force him to play Superman 64, Bubsy 3D, and ET
47 Tie him to a chair and make him watch baby shows
48 Throw dog sh** at him
49 Force Him to Play Super Mario Galaxy

This game is awesome why would you do this?

50 Dump a cat's litterbox on him

It has to be full of cat poop

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1. Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)
2. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
3. Kill him
1. Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)
2. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
3. Build a dam and suggest that he live in it
1. Ask him whether he's seen TheTopTens
2. Ask him how many singing girls are jailed twice before 20
3. Shake a rattle for the "Baby"

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