Top Ten Things You Would Do If You Were To Meet Justin Beiber In Person


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21 Avenge or Defend Eminem

Why defend Selena Gomez when Bieber ruined one of Eminem's best songs. Now Eminem will go all out against him and I will side with him. - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

Eminem is my fave artist, Justin Bieber is my least

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22 Tie him to a chair and make him listen to nyan cat for 10 hours

How about tie him to a chair and make him listen to Baby for 10 hours?

Lavender town would be better than nyan cat

See how he likes being aurally tortured. - PositronWildhawk

23 Get all of your friends and hurt him like there's no tomorrow

All of my allies on TheTopTens shall side with yours truly. - PositronWildhawk

Then make foxy do the bite of 87 on her

My allies (including Positron funnyuser Britgirl and Kiterenmisu

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24 Get Justin Bieber Arrested V 1 Comment
25 Rob Him

Best idea; you get money and you hurt Justin Bieber (of course, I don't actually advocate doing this. ) - kfcnyancat

26 Protect him from the jerks who don't like him

He deserves the hate he gets. His so called "music" is horrible and he has an equally horrible personality to go along with it. And he's not as cute as his fangirls try to make him out to be. Justin Bieber is a jackass! In fact, he's a complete and total joke!

I'm almost a black belt

You guys are jerks for thinking that just because you don't like him that he's automatically a loser. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for trolling him like this!

I hate when people hate on me!

Justin Bieber (if that's your real name), everyone on this site hates you. Including me. - RiverClanRocks

27 Fart on him with your butt poking out your pants

Peter griffin:*farts on beiber and runs*

28 Ask him if it's his time of the month

That stuff can't fit through the gap. It just accumulates and weighs him down. - PositronWildhawk

29 Ask him whether he is a boy or a girl

Surely a girl. I bet... - Greatness_Forever

30 Tell him how stupid he really is

Well actually not that he is an idiot but the fact (S)he is the greatest idiot ever known in history and the stupidest artist I've ever seen. He is probably blinded by all those who pretend to love him. He can't actually see that he is Hollywood's puppet and apart of him being an instrument to derive their fame he is nothing less than a senseless and naïve toy. Not less than a second Bieber will be of no use anymore. - Lynch

31 Casually keep on going with your day
32 Force him to listen to Metal for 10 hours
33 Make Sticks the Badger maul him V 1 Comment
34 Kiss him

? What? I'd rather kill myself than kiss him.

I don't want to kiss you because you are a pimp

It's a lot better then killing him! Why do people say such mean things?!

Because he's an annoying, narcissistic, racist half-woman half-scrotum who deserves everything on this list. Or are you a fan of that sort of thing? - PositronWildhawk

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35 Nothing

Fans put this on the list. Ugh, fans... - Thatgirl

36 Beat him up

The police will be proud of me for doing that so he can go to jail again. - Connor360

37 Avenge or defend Selena Gomez
38 Puke

Let him know how horrible he really is.

39 Give the middle finger

Three words. Middle. Finger. Him.

I prefer do that... Brutallity...

40 Give him a hydrogen bomb and tell him, it's better to blow this off than sing

I think both has same effect isn't it? - glambert

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1. Challenge him to a one-on-one wrestling match (without bodyguards)
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