Top 10 Things You Would Do If You Were to Meet Nicki Minaj In Person

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1 Ask Her whether She's Seen TheTopTens

Oh my gosh, and if she says no give her my phone log on to toptens ( to be sure) and watch her face drop, in anger and run before she sees this comment, making a plan to punch her in the face when she's calm, so I can get my phone back. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I believe she will angry when she look comments and list about her. - BeaM456

It has to happen at some point in time. - PositronWildhawk

Oh wait until she sees all the hate on this site - KingSlayer93316

2 Say "I Love You!"

Who would love this sex object?

Ew gross. I would never say I love you to her.

I Love you Nicki! - TheMainReason

Ewww! I would throw up instead - KingSlayer93316

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3 Scream in Horror

I would definitely scream

4 Punch Her in the Face

I'm sure a lot of people would do this. - AnnaOfArendelle332



5 Have her Twerk in Front of You

I don't want another sex object like Miley Cyrus to do that...

And then use her clothes as a towel to clean the vomit off of me? - KingSlayer93316

Ew, nasty.

6 Have your Dog Viciously Maul Her and then Pee on Her

I don’t have a dog. I do have a cat that likes to scratch people that screams like Minaj does - KingSlayer93316

One problem... I don't have a dog... l have two cats.

7 Die from Shock
8 Flush her Down the Toilet
9 Run Away

The First Thing That Comes To Mind - 12cc

Yeah so I don't have to look at her ugly American face

10 Whack Her in the Face with an Aluminum or Wooden Bat

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11 Tie Her to a Chair and Force Her to Listen to Merzbow for 50 Hours

Don't get me wrong people. I love Merzbow. I just wondering if we could play his songs like Akashiman or Slave New Desart.

12 Swear at Her

I would make her feel uncomfortable and then she wouldn't like me

But what if you're clean?

13 Move to Canada

Say hi to Justin Bieber for me.

14 Kill Her

That's illegal. You'd do the world good, but that's still illegal.

I wish I can do that. - BeaM456

15 Beat Her Up
16 Encase Her In Concrete
17 Set Her Hair On Fire
18 Spit On Her

That's assault

19 Give Her a Drink With Laxatives In It
20 Burn Her

Come on y'all. Let's stop tryna find a way to harm her. Celebrities don't harm you. So don't try to find ways to harm her

You’d be arrested for Arson... - KingSlayer93316

21 Kidnap and Torture Her
22 Hit Her In the Head With a Chair

I would

There’s me - KingSlayer93316

23 Say "I Don't Wanna Live On This Planet Anymore"
24 Call Animal Control


25 Give an Anaconda to her

Good, that's what she gets for posting that song.

26 Puke up Blood

Same - KingSlayer93316

27 Dump Buckets of Acid on Her
28 Kick her Butt
29 Smack Her
30 Throw Rocks at Her
31 Flip Her the Bird
32 Throw Horse Crap and Dog S*** at Her

Ahem. It's called poop.

33 Kick Her
34 Cut Off Her Tongue and Push Her Face Onto a Hot Grill

Come on people! I don't like her either but lets grow up and stop fidning ways to harm a celebrity.

35 Trip Her
36 Pull Off Her Arms and Legs

You would get arrested for that.

37 Shove a Cactus Down Her Throat

Exclusive to Arizona - KingSlayer93316

38 Vomit
39 Call Her a Talentless Skank

Because that's what she is. And that's fact.

40 Put Her In a Soundproof Glass Dome
41 Tell Your Kids That She Is a Bad Role Model

If I had kids... - KingSlayer93316

42 Yell at Her
43 Hide Your Kids
44 Walk Away from Her
45 Force Her to Play Superman 64
46 Force Her to watch A Serbian Film
47 Light Yourself on Fire and then Jump Out a Window

This is from the Family Guy episode Don't Make Me Over.

48 Call the Police
49 Deport Her
50 Tell Her That She Should Just Retire
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