Top 10 Things You Would Do If You Were to Meet Nicki Minaj In Person

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1 Ask Her whether She's Seen TheTopTens

Oh my gosh, and if she says no give her my phone log on to toptens ( to be sure) and watch her face drop, in anger and run before she sees this comment, making a plan to punch her in the face when she's calm, so I can get my phone back. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I believe she will angry when she look comments and list about her. - BeaM456

It has to happen at some point in time. - PositronWildhawk

2 Scream in Horror

I would definitely scream

3 Punch Her in the Face

I'm sure a lot of people would do this. - AnnaOfArendelle332



4 Have her Twerk in Front of You

I don't want another sex object like Miley Cyrus to do that...

Ew, nasty.

5 Have your Dog Viciously Maul Her and then Pee on Her

One problem... I don't have a dog... l have two cats.

6 Say "I Love You!"

Who would love this sex object?

Ew gross. I would never say I love you to her.

I Love you Nicki! - TheMainReason

I love you

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7 Flush her Down the Toilet
8 Die from Shock
9 Whack Her in the Face with an Aluminum or Wooden Bat
10 Tie Her to a Chair and Force Her to Listen to Merzbow for 50 Hours

Don't get me wrong people. I love Merzbow. I just wondering if we could play his songs like Akashiman or Slave New Desart.

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11 Run Away

The First Thing That Comes To Mind - 12cc

12 Kill Her

That's illegal. You'd do the world good, but that's still illegal.

I wish I can do that. - BeaM456

13 Beat Her Up
14 Encase Her In Concrete
15 Set Her Hair On Fire
16 Give Her a Drink With Laxatives In It
17 Kidnap and Torture Her
18 Hit Her In the Head With a Chair

I would

19 Say "I Don't Wanna Live On This Planet Anymore"
20 Move to Canada

Say hi to Justin Bieber for me.

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