Top Ten Things You Would Find In the Room of a Brony

The Top Ten
1 MLP Plushies!

Trust me, you DON'T want to see my room. - Pegasister12

I'm not a brony but I have MLP plushies, I like the characters. The show's gone downhill.

This is what every borny wil have in there room - 170253

Well duh! - bobbythebrony

2 MLP Limited Edition Posters!

That would be funny. - RockFashionista

3 MLP Shirts
4 MLP Stickers!
5 MLP Comics
6 MLP Figurines Everywhere!
7 Drawings

I draw Pokémon a lot these days.

8 MLP TCG Cards

I have a Manectric card in my room. - RiverClanRocks

9 MLP Wallpaper on Computer

Actually even though I am a pegasister (girl equilavit to brony. Sorry I can't spell somethings right) the wallpaper on both of my computers, my laptop and my desktop computers are of the backyardigans. - Ilovestephanie

You're Not Alone, If My Dad And Brother Find Out That I'm A Brony, Then I'm Screwed.

10 Porn

1. I'm a woman so I would never do stupid things like that.
2. I have My Little Pony magazines I don't even care if they are for preschoolers.
3. I have a My Little Pony story book from the 1980s I got from a jumble sale.
4. I have a My Little Pony 1990 annual I got from a jumble sale.
5. Not all adult fans are male seeing as its girly. People think it's not because they look like Anime ponies.

What!? Porn. Only weirdos wll have porn in there room - 170253

Seriously? Only cloppers would have that. - Pegasister12

The Contenders
11 Drugs

To soon bro. To soon

Whoever likes this show is seriously stoned off their butt.

12 A Body Pillow
13 A Fedora
14 MLP Play Sets
15 MLP Equestria Girls Dolls
16 Gay Pride Flag
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