Top 10 Things that You Would Probably Assume at First Glance About Certain Video Games (Disregarding Spoilers)


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1 Samus is a Big Muscular Man Like Master Chief - Metroid Series

Bruh, Enough Of Adding Over 9000 Items On Your Own Lists, It Will Make You Look Ugh - VideoGamefan5

2 The Mimigas are Inevitably Going to End Up Entangled in Some Kind of Incredibly Dark and Disturbing Plot Twist at Some Point in the Game - Cave Story
3 The Masked Man is Claus in Paper-Thin Disguise - Mother 3
4 Alphys is a Boy - Undertale
5 Exdeath is a Lame and Incompetent Villain - Final Fantasy V
6 The Pyro is Totally Not Completely Insane - Team Fortress 2
7 Count Bleck is the Main Villain of the Game - Super Paper Mario
8 Vile is Going to Somehow End Up Being the Final Boss - Mega Man X
9 Egil is the Final Boss of the Game - Xenoblade Chronicles
10 Antasma is the Final Boss - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The Contenders

11 Ridley is a Blatant Ripoff of Bowser - Metroid Series
12 Mike Tyson is the Final Boss - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!
13 The Game is Ridiculously Easy - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
14 Kefka is Going to End Up Eventually Escalating His Way Into Becoming the Main Villain - Final Fantasy Vi
15 Fawful is Most Definitely Not to Be Trusted - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
16 You're Going to Have to Play the Game in the Exact Same Way as Other RPGS - Undertale
17 In Order to Kill the Viruses, You Have to Match Their Colors with Those of the Pills - Dr. Mario
18 Going Pacifist as Opposed to Genocide Makes the Game More Difficult to Complete - Undertale
19 The Pigmasks are Amazingly Unsubtly Based Off of Nazis - Mother 3
20 Shulk is Totally Not Being Used as Zanza's Vessel for the Vast Majority of the Game - Xenoblade Chronicles
21 There's Definitely Some Kind of Good/Evil Side Thing Going on with Fei and Id - Xenogears
22 Between the Bionis and the Mechonis, the Mechonis is the Evil One of the Two - Xenoblade Chronicles
23 Toriel is a Painfully Obvious Serial Child Murderer - Undertale
24 The Characters are Almost Inevitably Going to End Up Constantly Shouting All Sorts of Obnoxiously Overused Catchphrases During Battles - Xenoblade Chronicles
25 Wario is the Best Character to Play As - Super Mario 64 DS
26 Your In-Game Choices Totally Do Matter in Deciding the Ultimate Ending Outcome of the Game (Right?) - Shadow the Hedgehog
27 It's Obviously Going to Be a Totally Bland and Uninspired Rehash of Fallout 3, No Matter What the Hype Train for It Says Otherwise - Fallout 4
28 Alphys Probably Isn't Going to End Up Having One of the Most Tragic and Disturbing Character Backstories in Video Game History - Undertale
29 Flint is Chuck Norris - Mother 3
30 Alphys Was Watching You Throughout the Waterfall Section of the Game Because She Has a Total Crush on You - Undertale
31 If Sonic Attempts to Just Idly Stand Upside-Down on the Ceiling of a Loop, He's Probably Going to End Up Abiding to the Real-Life Laws of Gravity and Falling Off - Sonic 2006
32 Repeatedly Performing the Super Mario 64 Sweep-Kick on Top of a Crate Isn't Going to Make It Fly All the Way Up Into Outer Space and Beyond - Sonic 2006
33 Alphys is Literally Just the Female Version of Francis from Super Paper Mario - Undertale
34 Sans is Going to Be the Final Boss of the Genocide Run - Undertale
35 When Flowey Offers You His Friendliness Pellets, You're Supposed to Take Them - Undertale
36 Exp and LV Represent the Exact Same Things that They Would in Any Other RPG - Undertale
37 The Game's Title is a Pun - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
38 The Monsters Will Fight Back Harder and Show More of a Sense of Genuine Desperation Against You If and When You Decide to Do Genocide Runs - Undertale
39 The Game is Just an Overrated Metroid Clone of Halo and Little Else - Metroid Prime
40 Link Stays in His Kid Form All Throughout the Game - Ocarina of Time
41 The Main Character's Name Probably Isn't Going to End Up Being Something as Lazy and Stupid as "Quote" - Cave Story
42 Curly's Death is Scripted to Be Completely Unpreventable - Cave Story
43 The Undead Core is the Final Boss of the Game - Cave Story
44 There is Absolutely No Way that Nintendo is Going to Be Able to Come Up with a Sillier Game and Concept Than Bowser's Inside Story - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
45 Bowser is Going to Be the Main Villain - Super Mario RPG
46 Bowser is the Final Boss of the Game - Paper Mario
47 Halo is the Name of the Game's Main Protagonist - Halo
48 Gordon Freeman is Hopefully Going to Eventually Talk to Someone at Least Once, If Only for the Sake of Fanservice - Half-Life 2
49 The Game is Going to Be Easy Like the Other Snes-Era Final Fantasies - Final Fantasy V
50 The Game is Going to Very Heavily Prioritize Its Graphics and Art Style Over the Actual Gameplay - Okami (And Muramasa)
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