Top Ten Things That You'd Like to See Popular TopTenners Dress Up As for Halloween

The Top Ten
1 PositronWildhawk - Albert Einstein

I can totally imagine him rocking the crazy hair. - PetSounds

Just maybe. But I'd be desperate to get the hair back to normal as of November. - PositronWildhawk

He's very smart. This would be great for him. :D

2 Britgirl - Ella Fitzgerald

She could certainly pull it off with some black shoe polish. - PetSounds

Haha we are the EXACT opposite in appearance but it would be fun trying to be her for a night. Her beautiful voice is what I couldn't pull off.

Great list, Mr Sounds! - Britgirl

3 Kiteretsunu - Detective Conan

Just like his avatar. - PetSounds

That would be awesome. Halloween costume and cosplay at the same time! Great list! - Kiteretsunu

Dress up as Kaito Kid, like your profile pic!

4 keyson - A locksmith

Keyson Locks - We'll Sure Lock Your Home. - PetSounds

5 Puga - A human

Hey Pug, You dress as a human and I'll dress as a dog - letdot52

I'm quite okay as doggy, thank you. - Puga

I'm sure he can balance on two legs. - PetSounds

This would be cool to see. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 Therandom - A Phantom

You mean a corrupted Jedi - Nonpointed

A phantom would best fit Therandom's tastes. He'd win the Most Badass Halloween Costume of the Year Award. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 admin - An anonymous visitor

Just a grey blob with no name. - PetSounds

8 Gary the Snail - The Dark Knight
9 HezarioSeth - Jeeves and Wooster

I'm sure he could play both parts convincingly. - PetSounds

10 Metal_Forever - Jigsaw from Chainsaw

The Newcomers

? DrayTopTens - Slash from Guns N’ Roses

I would wear sunglasses, a top hot, long black curly hair, and carry a guitar around.

The Contenders
11 MoldySock - A moldy sock

Whoever would have guessed?! - PetSounds

12 DapperPickle - Ghost
13 Sirskeletorthe3rd - A Skeleton

Wearing a fancy suit and moustache. - FennikenFan9

14 PositronWildhawk - Britgirl

Yeah dress up as Britgirl! Haha

Oh god... - FennikenFan9

What? - Neonco31

15 Jetticus12 - Billie Joe Armstrong

September's already ended. We'll have to wake him up! - PetSounds

16 Nintendofan126 - Slenderman

I went as slenderman and I fist bumped with a few people because
They though my costume was awesome. - nintendofan126

17 Ralphbob - Frankenstein's Monster
18 Wolftail - An evil-eyed syringe

Sorry, WT. This was too funny to pass up. - PetSounds

19 Garythesnail - Gary the Snail

Not too hard. I'd just need a cardboard shell and some eyestalks. - Garythesnail

20 xandermartin98 - Quote
21 PositronWildhawk - A Space Ranger
22 TwilightKitsune - Homura Akemi

I'd love to see TwilightKitsune dress up as Homura.

23 Pug - A Blob

That would be so cute, and awesome.

What kind of blob will it be?

24 CerealGuy - Condescending Wonka
25 funnyuser - A toucan
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