Top 10 Things You Wish Could Happen On Total Drama


The Top Ten

1 Heather blows up and dies

I want this to happen heather is a jerk

2 Chris gets executed
3 Owen gets beaten up by Izzy
4 Izzy gets put in rehab
5 Leshawna gets type 2 diabetes

Alright, who is the funny person that posted this? - Gehenna

6 Courtney gets sent to a mental home
7 Peter Griffin farts on Harold's face

I doubt Peter will show up in the show. By the way, Harold's cool.

This was hilarious in my thoughts! - Potatoman

8 Amy gets killed by Samey

TotalDramaSucks, we may not have the same opinions on Total Drama, but at least we can agree we want my least favorite character dead. - Turkeyasylum

Without Amy, Samey is an unneded character, so no.

9 Cody makes out with Justin Bieber

What the heck? Now that's just nasty - MeaganSaysHI

Now that's just borderline dumb. :/ - Gehenna

10 Ella mans up and kicks Sugar's butt for disrespecting her

Ella should stand up to Sugar some time!

The Contenders

11 Ezekiel is no longer a mutant and doesn't get out first in a season
12 Chris gets replaced
13 Sidney Crosby attacks them with his hockey stick

Let's go Crosby! Show those talentless hacks what you're really made of!

14 Owen gets diabetes
15 Noah makes it to the final two
16 Dawn makes it to the final two
17 Chris gets ZaWardoed by Dio Brando
18 First LGBT character/couple

If they do it with pre-existing character, or even introduce a new character it would be a welcomed change of pace.

19 Ella and Lindsay become best friends
20 Add a Hungarian contestant
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