Top Ten Things You'll Discover Through TheTopTens

You may or may not have discovered these things on TheTopTens but I have. If you've discovered more please feel free to add - however bizarre

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1 That Kids Are Intelligent

Places like this site remind you that most teenagers are not immature a-holes - styLIShT

Members here at TheTopTens are definitely smart and very mature for their age. Many under 14 are so smart and intelligent! And we have a junior quantum physicist of age 17 too. - Kiteretsunu

I wouldn't consider myself particularly smart, but I do realize that the kids are so much more mature than the ones at school. Many are, in fact, really sensible and respectful for opinions. Not to mention Positronwildhawk is so smart! - keycha1n

That's because people can take their time to construct good sentences while on the internet, and take a conscious decision before posting something. - styLIShT

Some of the under 16 who message me are extremely intelligent and serious in fact, I'm ashamed of my own lack of the stuff. - Britgirl

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2 Different Types of Humour

Wow! Dark, sarcastic, weird, quick-witted... - Britgirl

I can find sarcastic, dark, sexual, and pretty much any kind of humor

And dark humor is the best.

3 Other Countries

Without this site I wouldn't have the amount of respect or knowledge for England! Before this site I knew nothing other then the Stereotype stuff I heard but once I found TheTopTens and met the many British TopTenners I gained a new idea of how awesome the people are in the Of the Land across the pond truly is!

You Brits are Lovely! - Curti2594

Before becoming a member I didn't take notice (and I have to be honest) didn't really care for other countries' beliefs, values and issues. I'm now more open-minded and I find myself wanting to learn about countries other than my own. - Britgirl

Places that you do not know until you talk about where they live - YanRocky

I discovered a lot of countries by talking to people. - funnyuser

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4 New Music Genres

For me it's more this site and the cool Tenners with there passion it's just a more ounce of respect for that genre or singers or Bands! - Curti2594

And better songs from many music genres. Get the best rock, metal, and electronic songs here.

Beatlesboy9 got me hooked on The Byrds and Bob Dylan, which led to a much wider exploration of folk rock on my part. Not to mention various jazz (Britgirl) and Moby (Positron). So this for sure. - PetSounds

5 Love

Love is an amazing phenomenon when you feel it for the first time in your life when you never even knew Love was a possibility for you!
Sometimes you never know when you'll come across a Best True Friend until the amazement hits you and the same when you maybe found 'The One" - Curti2594

Sounds strange but I am in love with a member on this site. - Britgirl

And that member is in love with you as well! - keyson

6 To Value Others Opinions

Sharing worldwide opinions can only be a good thing. - Britgirl

It's makes you realize that the people here commenting for the most part know what they are talking about! - Curti2594

7 Yourself

Oh how this is absolutely True! I'm gonna be straight up if I didn't come across TheTopTens & see the music lists I don't know if I'd be here right now. I was in such a dark place but this place gave me a place where others Gave a Damn What I had to say! - Curti2594

Since messaging various members, they've made me look at myself and realise I have good and not-so-good things about my personality... - Britgirl

8 Your Creative Side

Sometimes it's hard to let it shine but sometimes all you need is a boost in confidence that you will be heard is all I needed to make my own lists! - Curti2594

I didn't know I had one haha - Britgirl

You would love to make blog post series here!

Totally! I have became more creative and I own that to this incredible site. It's not like I made something huge - just a couple of lists, but I really come up with new ideas and try to find new stuff to write and lists to make. So yes, I have discovered my creative site through The Top Tens.
PS. Lovely list BritGirl, as always!

9 That Everyone is Different

This is so true we are all different though we also all share similarities! - Curti2594

Unfortunately some people don't respect that. - egnomac

10 An Unexpected Friend

Thank you for adding. I agree. Completely by chance and with one message has sparked something quite beautiful and lasting! - Britgirl

Definitely, I credit this wonderful website for giving me exposure to all these wonderful people I would've never met in real life. - keycha1n

And you'd really hope you'd meet him/her in real life.

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11 Anime Haters

Wow, I never thought those existed. -_-

Please note the sarcasm.

12 Other Websites

I've become a member on various other sites, all because I've read about them on here. - Britgirl

13 Everyone Likes Different Things
14 Anti-Beliebers

Which is actually stunning when there are so many on Facebook & Twitter but TheTopTens for the most part are real Music fans! - Curti2594

TheTopTens is pretty much 99.9% anti-Bieber. The other 0.1% does not care. 0.0% are Beliebers. - Turkeyasylum

This is the best site if you hate Justin Bieber. The hate for him brings us closer as a community.

15 Biased People
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