Top 10 Things That You'll Miss When Your Childhood Ends

The Top Ten Things That You'll Miss When Your Childhood Ends

1 Going to School

I miss going to school sometimes and seeing my old school friends and my favorite teachers and classes, school was nice to visit friends before school, at lunch, or hometime

Oh shut up visitor it's her opinion if she likes school, so stop being a complete dumbass and start respecting other people opinions.

50% of adults miss school.
I can't believe American schools have naptime and longer holidays.

Oh come on, we're STILL children through the school years! I mean, we don't get to BE children, but we fit the technical definition!

2 Playing with Friends

Yeah miss that playing with friends at the park at recess and playing video games with old neighborhood friends

Yeah I don't think I would lose my friends when I'm older but I won't be able to see them often and will miss hanging out with them.

When you are an adult drinking is playing LOL

I am 21 years old today, and I still wish that I could play with my friends.

3 Nap Time

Can you please allow nap time in nursery or even reception in Britain.

I remember having nap time at daycare when I was really little

Can I nap during math class please?

Dear Naptime, I am so sorry that I have betrayed you. Please come back. I wouldn't sleep in Pre-K, but I'd love a nap nowadays.

4 Imagination

Nope. Believe me, you take that same imagination with you well into adulthood.

Imagination doesn't have age boundaries

My imagination grew stronger with age.

I find it quite dissapointing how there are absolutely no subjects that use imagination. It's all memorizing stuff.

That's why art, language arts, and creative writing are my favorite classes.

5 Snack Time

This is like the only thing on this list I want back. Snack time was amazing.

Snack time in elementary... Apart from the "no junk food" rule it was great.

Gimmie a snack imma hungry.

Smack Time

6 Lack of Stress

Who even likes stress. It's not fun. It's awful and horrible. It negatively impacts our health and well being. It negatively affects life.

I can't stress enough how much I miss being so worry-free. Believe me kids, you'll lose the freedom you have now. Embrace it while you can.

Actually, I still had stress occasionally during childhood, but once I reached adolescence, it got worse.

This can go all the way to number ONE, thank you.

7 Trick-Or-Treating

As an avid lover of Halloween and all things scary, I can honestly say that missing out on trick-or-treating every 31st of October gets me feeling a little depressed.

I'm just hoping to stay five-foot-two well into adulthood and trick or treat with a mask.

I'm one of the people who uses water buckets on Halloween

It's fun but I find it boring now.

8 Parents

Yeah, if I leave home, I will definitely miss them. Time flies quickly.

9 Recess

I remember recess in school it was fun to play outside on swings or park

In Australia we have 30 minute recess and 60 minute lunch

I miss those days

From Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, I had around 30-40 minutes of recess a day.
In 4th and 5th Grade, it went down to 20.
In 6th grade, it went down to 10.
In 7th grade, lunch became the new recess.

10 First Crushes

I don't miss this. This list entry might as well be named "first rejections", for me.

My first was in grade one

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11 Video Games with Friends

True I remember playing video games with friends as a kid playing double dash, melee, or xbox games

I used to enjoy playing Halo Reach all the time but not anymore.

All those times playing Melee.

12 Favorite TV Shows

I remember some, I grew out of most I still like a few shows since childhood

I cannot tell you when my childhood ended or will end.

13 Good TV Shows

Goodbye Hercules the Animated Series and House of Mouse. Good thing that I can still watch them on YouTube.

Goodbye Dora, Ben 10, Rugrats and Foster's home.
Good thing Sesame Street and Teletubbies are still going.

14 Birthday Parties

I remember birthday parties as a kid and when friends came over as well

Damn, I sure miss my birthday parties.

I don't like parties or b'day parties

I only had 2 birthday parties during my childhood. One at age 3 and one at age 7. I haven't had another one since :(

15 Favorite Videos

AFV was my childhood

16 Innocence

Remember when you didn't know anything about sex? Good times...

17 Easy Homework

Homework was very less back then. Now it's just hard math problems and too many projects! :(

To an older brother not to me

I wish my homework was coloring/writing words 3x each again instead of hard math problems! :(

18 Laughing

So you stop laughing when you reach adulthood? For some reason that made me do something I haven't done since childhood. I think I just laughed!

South Park is funny so this doesn't go away.

19 Freedom
20 Bionicle
21 Eating Boogers

We adults still do that even though it was just disgusting

22 Favorite Stars

Because lots of child stars turn bad as they grow up.

You're right. They start off as an innocent little 6 year old girl/little sister but then when they turn 19 they become... CORRUPT. All disney stars always tend to corrupt for example miley cyrus.

23 Having Posters of Pop Stars on the Wall
24 Unlimited Sweets

When I was a younger I could eat as much chocolate and desserts as I want. Now I have to severely limit these items in my diet (especially since my family has a history of high blood sugar and I have it myself)

25 Riding the Kiddie Rides

I’m 26 and I am officially too big for 95% of the coin operated rides despite being small for my age. Luckily I still fit on the horse rides (which were my favorites, and they still are my favorites today! )

26 Getting Forgiven for Minor Crimes and Accidents

Now I get in trouble for everything I do wrong.

27 Unlimited Junk Food
28 Being the Only Child

I was the only child until my sister was born when I was 6. Then I had to share my entire life.

29 Immaturity

I can’t fool around as much anymore like I did as a kid

30 Laziness

As a kid everyone did stuff for me. Now I have to work my butt off for my own needs.

31 Restrictions

As a kid: I can ride coin operated horses without getting kicked off and I can eat whatever I want

Now: I get risked being kicked off coin operated horses (I’ve already gotten kicked off of them a few of them already) and I have food restrictions/limits due to high blood sugar/cholesterol running in the family.

32 Getting Naked in the House

Me when I was 2: it’s OK to run around the house in just a diaper or a shirt and diaper with no pants.
After age 4: pants must be worn at all times

33 How Your Parents View Your Grades

I am Asian.

Kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school: I get a 88%, mom says good job

High school and college: I get a 88%, mom says I don’t study enough

34 Going to camp
35 Birthday Spankings (Canada)
36 Kitties
37 Medicine in syrup
38 No Restrictions
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