Top Ten Things You'll Need to Create a Weird TheTopTens List

Fed up with being sensible? Ever wonder what it takes to make a really good weird list on TheTopTens? Don't despair, my friends! Help is at hand. I am weird - I want to help you to be weird too! Here's what you'll need to be a successful weird list maker. Good luck and have fun!

The Top Ten

1 Have a Weird Sense of Humour

Weird is a good place to start. Agree? - Britgirl

When I poop I listen to the USSR anthem - styLIShT

I think my humor is a mix of weird and sexual. - MrQuaz680

2 To Still Be Awake at Weird O'Clock

I love you, Tina! :) I love this element and this list as well! - keyson

Yeah, you can't make proper sensible decisions at 2 AM - styLIShT

Some of my best weird lists have been born in the wee small hours. - Britgirl

Creativity blossoms when you're weary.

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3 To Be Inspired By Weird People

Mixing with sensible people generates sensibility (is that a word? ) you can't be sensible AND make a weird list. It wouldn't look right. It would look forced. You need to let weirdness into your life - embrace it. - Britgirl

Well, you've inspired me in the past, Tina. I think that says enough. - PositronWildhawk

My thoughts exactly, Positron - CityGuru

4 To Be Ill

Your mind doesn't work quite right when you feel fit and well. Next time you're sick in bed, don't try and get better, use this time wisely to get your weird mind active! - Britgirl

5 To Be A Big Kid

Anybody can make a weird list, really.

A weird list doesn't work if you're a child. Kids ard weird anyway. An adult can be properly weird and create the most mind-blowing weird lists of all time. - Britgirl

6 To Listen To Weird Music To Generate Weird Ideas

Enya works wonders! 10 seconds of listening to those weird, creepy instruments and your mind will be in perfect weirdness mode. - Britgirl

I have the weirdest music taste on the whole site. Perhaps I should dip into it for inspiration. - PetSounds

Is Uptown Funk weird? I can't tell what its about.

7 To Be Bored

I found this hard because I'm hardly ever bored. But when my brother's bored, he says the strangest things... A weird TopTen list in the making methinks! - Britgirl

8 To Like Justin Bieber

Well, if THIS doesn't make you weird, there's no hope for you. Go to bed and stay there! - Britgirl

How can you have balls to like Justin Bieber when he himself does not have balls?

There probably don't have the balls to like Justin Bieber. - Mumbizz01

I love justin bieber!

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9 To Listen To Politics

Just listen to one of old Dave Cameron's speeches for inspiration. Trust me - it works! - Britgirl

10 To Run Out Of Ideas

This is why I start making comparison lists.

That's how this weird list came about! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 A Jar of Peanut Butter

Spoonfuls of the crunchy variety should do it. - Britgirl

What if you're allergic?

12 Insanity
13 A Good Iggy Azalea Playlist
14 A Bunch of SpongeBob Episodes
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1. To Still Be Awake at Weird O'Clock
2. Have a Weird Sense of Humour
3. To Be Inspired By Weird People
1. Have a Weird Sense of Humour
2. To Be Inspired By Weird People
3. To Still Be Awake at Weird O'Clock
1. Have a Weird Sense of Humour
2. To Be Inspired By Weird People
3. To Still Be Awake at Weird O'Clock


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