Top Ten Things Your Parents Bug You to Do Everyday


The Top Ten

1 Go to bed at (random time)

My mom tells me to go to bed when it's not even my bed time - HollowArrow

When I was in high school my mom made me go to bed at 9 PM

2 Brush your teeth
3 Pack your lunch
4 Be nice to your siblings
5 Be nice
6 No playing violent games
7 Don't watch horror movies

I'm allowed to watch horror movies and paranormal shows; my mom just won't let me watch them when it is dark outside or when my sister is in the house.

I'm also not allowed to watch horror movies during "ghost month" on the Lunar calendar. (my mom's Asian and she's EXTREMELY superstitious)

8 Listen to your parents
9 Put on sunscreen

In summer 2016 I got sunburnt so easily that my mom made everything put on sunscreen even if I was just outside for not even 1 minute, like GETTING IN AND OUT OF THE CAR WHILE GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL and even on CLOUDY DAYS that year.

CAN’T I JUST PUT IT ON ONLY ON VACATIONS AND DAY TRIPS? It’s not necessary every single day! Besides my relatives don’t even use it that much because it gives them skin blemishes.

10 Go to TheTopTens

Ummm, alright? - BorisRule

What? - MrCoolC

The Contenders

11 Do your homework
12 Take out the trash
13 Grow Up

I don’t want to grow up, but unfortunately that’s not how it works

14 Wash the dishes
15 Clean your room
16 Respect them when they don’t respect you
17 Clean the house
18 Don’t go on YouTube
19 Be nice to your annoying relatives
20 Wake up early
21 Stop eating snacks
22 Study
23 Review your homework
24 Stop talking all the time
25 Exercise
26 Be nice to annoying relatives
27 Get off the (insert video game console here)
28 Mop the floor

Who do you think I am, Cinderella? >:(

29 Read
30 Eat healthy foods
31 Get your butt off the couch
32 No boyfriend / girlfriend

Seriously? I can't even have my first relationship? (even though I'm not paying attention to that and dating someone <3) >:l

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