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1 Listen to old music

It's better to appreciate the classic, old music back then, rather than listening to modern music that's loud, brainwashing, dumb, etc... - TheRegular1227

That's quite arguable, many old songs are worse than modern music. Also, not all modern music is the pop stuff you hear on the radio. - junior1337

What's so bad about the Beatles? I personally never listen to pop music on the radio, only classical and comedy shows.

They do this all the time - Matt92647

This doesn’t bother me at all. - railfan99

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2 Judge you

That's my parents for you - Matt92647

My mom keeps saying I do everything wrong when i’m just doing it differently and it gets really annoying

3 Be over-protective

My mom takes this UP TO ELEVEN! For example:

-she thinks that all black people will beat you up
-she thinks that 1 bite of dessert will instantly give you diabetes
-she thinks that all dogs will bite
-she won't let me go on upside down rides (except for a few rare instances)
-she won't let me go on a school trip to NYC THAT WASN'T EVEN OVERNIGHT (we live 2 hrs away)
-she thinks that we don't know basic safety rules
-she thinks that I will break all fragile items
-she won't let me ride thrill rides alone
-she thinks that I'm too weak to carry items that are over 20 lbs
-she thinks that being outside for 1 second will lead to instant sunburn
-she won't let me get out of the house by myself
-she won't let me go to a store THAT'S LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE alone
-she won't let me cook my own food


One time I wasn't allowed to watch a movie because it had people in it, even though it had nothing inappropriate.

I am 13, and SpongeBob is too "mature" for me.

My mom is Asian and she thinks that I will get instant diabetes if I eat just ONE TINY BITE of dessert...

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4 Don't let you do things you want to do

My parents don't let me do ANYTHING I want to do. - RockFashionista

I hate this!


5 Sing to modern songs

I HATE IT when my parents sing -.- - Lunala

So annoying

They can’t even sing

My dad always changes the word “you” to “poo” and sings in public, it’s really embarrassing.

6 Pretend to understand you

Nobody seems to take me seriously because I am shy-ish and short. Everyone thinks I am all cute, small and innocent when I just want to be understood.

Don’t mess with short people when they’re angry, despite my petite physique I can flip furniture across the room if I am mad enough. - Lunala

7 Listen to modern pop music

My mum singing my favourite songs has ruined the songs for me. - Lunala

Please don't tell me your parents listen to One Direction.

My mom likes What Makes You Beautiful by OneDirection and my dad likes PPAP. I HATE BOTH OF THOSE SONGS! >:(

8 Review your music

Especially if your parents think metal is the music of the devil.

My parents say anything I like is automatically garbage.

My parents are Asian and they think that only black people listen to rap and hip hop

I'm secretive about music taste. Last time I said I wanted to look into liking a band my mum said "It's your big sister's thing, not yours".

rip potential music taste, why I hate all songs by that band. - Lunala

9 Not feel sympathy for you

Once my mom yelled at me in front of my relatives and made me cry in public and she refused to apologize to me even though she scared (and also embarrassed) me! >:(

10 Watch movies that you can't

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11 Compare you to other kids

My parents are Asian and they do this ALL THE TIME!

12 Blame you for what your siblings did


They also blame me for what MY COUSINS did as well.

13 Treat you like an immature person

My Mum accuses me for bring immature and swears at me for no reason. She even takes her anger out on me.

Man I sure wish this was added sooner. My parents only see me as immature when I start showing it, yet if I'm mature (which is most of the time) I never get recognized by them. And then my mother spends her days at home playing on her iPhone and my father complains about literally everything else (who yells at the T.V., honestly). - NuMetalManiak

14 Constantly remind you to do stuff


15 Ask about your period repeatedly

This isn't a bad thing, it's rather funny because I could totally relate to this! Every time I'm not feeling well, my mom would ask the same thing lol. I respect how she at least cares though, cuzz I've had really bad cramps before and she was always there for me

My mum does this when I am tired or not feeling well. Then she goes on about... umm Vajayjays and Puberty stuff IN PUBLIC and I tell her I feel awkward but she says "Nobody cares." UGH - Lunala

My mom does this all the time

16 Expect you to apologize when you do something wrong but they refuse to apologize to you

What they did was wrong, too! >:(

17 Ignore you

Even worse is the silent treatment. Once my dad got so mad at me that he refused to talk to me for several days despite the fact that I was trying to apologize.

Quite annoying, but I’ve gotten used to it.

18 Be lazy

In an area of our house there are 2 trash cans THAT ARE NOT EVEN 5 FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER and my parents choose to use the one that's closer to them.

19 Not compromise
20 Compare you to other kids that have higher grades than you

My mom is so annoying. She always like "How come your friend is in the top of the class? How come you're just average? You should learn how to be like her! " And I can't talk back because I have to RESPECT my parents(even when they barely respect me).

21 Say "no"

Their favorite word

22 Turn off your TV

Like when you are watching a T.V. show and they won't let you finish it even if there's only like 1/2 hr left.

Me: (watching "The Great Gatsby" on T.V.)
Mom: turn off the T.V. and go to bed
Me: can I finish watching this part first? I like this part!
Mom: No. Go to bed!

23 Control what you watch on TV

My parents don't allow me to watch YouTube videos unless it's listening to music because they believe that everything else will give my computer a virus.

Also if I want to watch my favorite shows on T.V. I have to obey certain rules. For example, if I want to watch horror movies or shows like "Ghost Adventures", my mom will allow me to watch them under the following circumstances:

-I can't watch them during the night (like when it's dark outside)
-I can't watch them if my sister is in the house
-I must keep the volume down even if I can't hear the movie/show's characters talking

I watched the 1995 movie "Showgirls" and I got in trouble with my mom for it. She said that it was too inappropriate for me to watch. I am 26.

Adults can handle movies with sex and nudity in them! >:(

24 Tell you to speak a foreign language in public

We’re Asian and my mom insists that I say certain words in Cantonese in public and never to speak English because she’s afraid people will eavesdrop on us.

25 Say "You need to find real music"

I told my mom that if she goes to every house on the street and asks every person what real music is, they would all have different answers

All music is real, because it exists.

26 Yell
27 Tell you to not cry
28 Buy things for your siblings and cousins but not you
29 Threaten you
30 Spank you
31 Complain about your life too much
32 Have you do things for them
33 Force you to do things that you don't want to do

My parents not only forced me to ride It's a Small World at both Disneyland and Disney World, they also forced me to go to a boring Chinese lantern festival.

34 Expect you to be more productive

I'm 26 and I still don't know how to cook (so sad, right? ), and I REALLY want to learn. My mom always complains that I am so lazy and expects me to cook, but every time I beg my mom to let me make my own lunch on the stove, she ALWAYS says "no".

35 Say you can't have snacks

I only eat like a toddler's portion for lunch (eg. a sandwich) most of the time. Every time I ask for more food my parents are always like "no that's enough. You will get fat if you eat any more". That's why I tend to snack in the afternoon because they feed me so little for lunch. I eat like 1-2 servings of chips and my parents are like "Why you eat all the time? Stop eating! "

I'M STARVING! All I had for lunch was a small sandwich! >:(

36 Roast you to your relatives

Whenever we're at a party my mom always tells the other grownups random things about me and they all laugh about it.

37 Have high expectations

(My family is Asian)
Me: Mom I got a 88 on my math test. It's great!

Mom: Only 88? If you study more you would've get a higher grade!

I feel sorry for all the Asian kids who have to go through this...

38 Tell you to get off the computer

I have homework!

39 Force you on baby rides

(At Six Flags Great Adventure in 2010)

Me: Mom can I ride Nitro ands Kingda Ka?

Mom: No. Too dangerous! Ride this kid's airplane ride with your sister and dad instead. It's safer

Me: >:(

40 Tell you to get off your phone
41 Tell you to take your headphones off
42 Tell you to study more

(I'm Asian)

Mom: do you have homework? Are you done your homework?

Me: I'm done with my homework

Mom: go review it or study for next week

43 Play on their iPad all day

Dad: don't play iPad all day it's bad for your eyes

(later takes iPad to bed with him)

44 Take their anger out on you

When my parents get mad then they'll talk to and give me a nasty attitude whenever I attempt to talk to them

45 Say negative things about you

My mom called me “lazy”, “fat” and “useless” :(

46 Not allow pets

My sister and I love dogs and would love to have one, but my mom will only allow dogs if we have our own places.

47 Review rides at amusement parks

At amusement parks if I want to go on a certain coaster I have to get permission from my mom before I can ride it. If my mom gives me permission then I can ride but if she deemed it as "too dangerous" or "too scary" to her then she will not allow me to ride it.

48 Have different views and opinions on everything

For example: what should I have for lunch/dinner? Mom tells me to eat something. Dad thinks the item mom suggests is "unhealthy" for me and tells me to eat something else instead. I want to eat both items, but I'm only allowed to pick one item to eat. Now I'm confused and I don't know what to eat.


49 Hog the a/c

When my mom used to babysit my cousins they all would hog the air conditioner even if it’s over 100 degrees out. They all stood directly in front of it. I ended up sweating like crazy all day because of it.

50 View you as a troublemaker

My cousins and sister do bad stuff and my family automatically thinks that they are the innocent ones and I’m the one who was doing the bad stuff >:(

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