Top Ten Things Your Parents Do That You Don't Like


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1 Listen to old music

It's better to appreciate the classic, old music back then, rather than listening to modern music that's loud, brainwashing, dumb, etc... - TheRegular1227

That's quite arguable, many old songs are worse than modern music. Also, not all modern music is the pop stuff you hear on the radio. - junior1337

What's so bad about the Beatles? I personally never listen to pop music on the radio, only classical and comedy shows.

They do this all the time - Matt92647

My dad won't listen to anything newer than 1900. Also, I am only allowed to listen to 40s music.

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2 Judge you

That's my parents for you - Matt92647

3 Sing to modern songs

I HATE IT when my parents sing -.- - Lunala

4 Don't let you do things you want to do

My parents don't let me do ANYTHING I want to do. - RockFashionista

I hate this!

5 Be over-protective

One time I wasn't allowed to watch a movie because it had people in it, even though it had nothing inappropriate.

I'm not allowed to do anything social online... So I guess voting on this list was against my parents' wishes. - junior1337

I am 13, and SpongeBob is too "mature" for me.


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6 Pretend to understand you

My mom does this all the time, when I'm down, she lectures me about crying... I can't control it, you don't know how depressed and insecure I am. - PrincessKiana

7 Listen to modern pop music

My typical black family, they listen to rap music and I hate it. I like some pop. - PrincessKiana

My mum singing my favourite songs has ruined the songs for me. - Lunala

Please don't tell me your parents listen to One Direction.

8 Review your music

Especially if your parents think metal is the music of the devil.

My parents say anything I like is automatically garbage.

I'm secretive about music taste. Last time I said I wanted to look into liking a band my mum said "It's your big sister's thing, not yours".

rip potential music taste, why I hate all songs by that band. - Lunala

9 Not feel sympathy for you
10 Watch movies that you can't

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11 Treat you like the immature person you show yourself to be

Man I sure wish this was added sooner. My parents only see me as immature when I start showing it, yet if I'm mature (which is most of the time) I never get recognized by them. And then my mother spends her days at home playing on her iPhone and my father complains about literally everything else (who yells at the T.V., honestly). - NuMetalManiak

You've just been shadilay'd my dude

12 Ask about your period repeatedly

My mum does this when I am tired or not feeling well. Then she goes on about... umm Vajayjays and Puberty stuff IN PUBLIC and I tell her I feel awkward but she says "Nobody cares." UGH - Lunala

13 Say "You need to find real music"

I told my mom that if she goes to every house on the street and asks every person what real music is, they would all have different answers

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1. Judge you
2. Pretend to understand you
3. Don't let you do things you want to do
1. Sing to modern songs
2. Listen to old music
3. Judge you
1. Sing to modern songs
2. Listen to old music
3. Judge you



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