Top Ten Things Your Pets Do that You Don't Want to See

The Top Ten Things Your Pets Do that You Don't Want to See

1 Hump

Come on it's a natural act people - Toucan

My dog humps nearly all the time. The only thing I'm missing is the song "My Humps" but it's so horrible I don't wanna listen to it anymo. - AlphaQ

Hehe I saw my birds do that to each other. It was horrible for ten whole minutes. - leafstar

2 Give Birth

Unless it's a giraffe. That just fell out nice and smoothly - bobbythebrony

If you don't want to see this, spay and neuter!

No thanks its ugly - leafstar

...I kinda find it beautiful! - Toucan

3 Poo

I see dogs poop all the time

Yeah just pooing like usall but one thing you don't want to see is your pet doing it in your room. - leafstar

4 Eat

But I love seeing all of my fish eat. However my bird is one of the messiest eaters. - cosmo

Ugh dogs eat horribly with no manners. Well the dog I vist called rico does he jumps on the dinner table and looks for more food. - leafstar

So true I have 3 birds they finish the food so quickly plus they flick the food everywhete - leafstar

5 Have Sex

If I were forced to watch this, I think I would have to bleach my eyes...

Yeah on T.V. I saw a pair pf wolves do that it was pretty bad for my eyes. - leafstar

6 Share Food

Well back to my birds.My bird emerald was eating and drinking like normal untill she flies up and regurgitates the seeds and gives it to jy other bird topaz.Itbwas horrid. - leafstar

7 Pee

Ok this is worse - leafstar

8 Picking Their Nose

A farm of diaries? I know it's a typo.

I visted a diary farm once in Japan and saw a cow sticking its tounge in it's nostrils. - leafstar

9 Test

Well testing for dogs is figuring out if the other dog is a female or a male by sticking their nose into the other dogs ass/sniffing is another way to sqy it. - leafstar

10 Vomit

And another 🤢. Vomit is disgusting! - Userguy44

On the couch,bed,dog they vomit everywhere - leafstar

The Contenders

11 Fight
12 Die

Oh gosh! - Userguy44

I'm not trying to be funny. It really is the worst thing to see your pets do. It's heartbreaking. "😢

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