Things You're Never Likely to See


The Top Ten

1 Justin Bieber As a Man

This will never happen. Ever! - Britgirl

Never going to happen

Perhaps more than a he or a she, Justin Beiber should be reffered to as an "it". Great list, Britgirl! - keyson

2 Positronwildhawk Without a Brain

Anyone without a brain is an unlikely sight, but me in particular. I need it for work. - PositronWildhawk

I just can't imagine this... - Britgirl

3 The Queen On a Harley

I wouldn't care, I would throw tomatoes at them because they think they're better than everyone else

I wouldn't see this, I'd be too busy crying with laughter! - Britgirl

4 The Toptens Without Lists

Well, that's... Err... You know what I'm saying. - Kiteretsunu

This would just look... Weird! This list wouldn't exist! - Britgirl

That day can not happen, bored

5 David Cameron With a Backbone
6 A Fashionable Onesie

Sorry onesie wearers - they're just plain AWFUL! And deep down you know it... - Britgirl

No, britgirl. They aren't.

7 Mice Wearing Doc Martens
8 Tony Blair Back In Office
9 A Funny American Sitcom
10 A Pedophilic Goose

I saw one once though

The Contenders

11 Ice Skating Mongeese Dancing the Bolero
12 A Day Where Britgirl Isn't Entertaining

Oh, I say! Thank you very much! ;-) - Britgirl

A Day where Britgirl Is Entertaining

13 A Top Tens User In Person

I did actually once go online while in a restaurant with my family. A waitress gave me a wink. Spooky. - PositronWildhawk

Well this isn't a for sure NO but it's a sad truth some of us will never get to see another Toptenner or a Proud one for that matter!

Not a good chance at all but I wish there was a way liek a TopTen Convention Bus or Vehicle to pick up the Main Members 7 bring them together for a long weekend! - Curti2594

14 A Broken Clock

You won't see this as it's not broken. It still tells the right time twice a day... - Britgirl

15 Long-haired, Bald-headed Men

I heard its very rare

16 A Six Foot Long Headlouse
17 A Michael Bay Movie Without CGI Explosions

My dream, or at least come back to made a good transformers movie (the last one was DOTM)

18 Lady Gaga Normal
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