Top 10 Things You're Probably Really Sick and Tired of Seeing on This Website

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1 Admin altering certain lists and their titles in ways that often completely destroy their intended purposes (for example: Most Ador[k]able Fictional Characters)

This one is relatable, I made a list called, "Top 10 Video Game Movies/cartoons that don't actually suck" and they changed the title to, "Top 10 Video Games, Movies, and Cartoons that don't actually suck" ARE YOU KIDDING ME! - Kefka

2 Major lists quickly devolving into one-dimensional popularity contests due to the way that the voting system works

Everything on Top Tens is a popularity contest- that's the point.

3 Bad movies being labeled as good ones

Seriously, WHY do people think Dumb and Dumber is a good movie?! It's just like the early version of Sanjay and Craig! There's more examples but we'd be here all day if I named them all. - Disney1994

4 Users that literally judge video games specifically by how violent, edgy and/or dudebro-catering they are, especially the ones that are also shameless Mortal Kombat worshipers
5 People thinking things are bad just because they're overrated
6 Users that have nuclear-atomic-weapons-grade obsessions with hating irritatingly specific and often undeserving characters and/or franchises, most especially ones related to Disney, Nintendo, indie games and Square Enix
7 Meme/troll users
8 People ignorantly hating on things because of their fanbases (Undertale, Frozen, My Little Pony, Nintendo, et cetera)
9 Frozen being ranked as the single worst movie of all time

All the shrek movies deserve that spot.

10 Good movies being labeled as bad ones

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11 People not understanding that leaving comments about certain items not deserving to be on "worst" lists actually gets them elevated higher up in the rankings of said lists as a result (poor, poor I Hate Everything)
12 The website constantly trying to censor everything as if basically all of its users are little kids (then again, considering the way that many of the users behave...)

Huzzah, here-here! and right on, right on, right on.

13 Users adding the same thing twice or more on a list
14 Bad TV shows being labeled as good ones

Seriously, it's bad enough that people love shows like Gravity Falls, but even LEGITIMATELY terrible T.V. shows have fans! And I'm not just talking about the most infamous bad shows like Breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig. I'm mainly talking about shows like The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Henry Danger, Rabbids Invasion, and Every Witch Way! Even in REAL LIFE shows like Henry Danger are overrated, because people actually WATCH those shows, AND enjoy them! Hence why Nickelodeon says that Henry Danger is the #1 kids' comedy. And it's sad because even MODERN SpongeBob has been and CAN be better than Henry Danger! - Disney1994

15 Forrest Gump being ranked as the greatest movie ever made in the history of cinema
16 List remixes that only contain one, two or three items and/or are just plain obnoxiously biased
17 Users that can't accept other users' opinions about things
18 Good TV shows being labeled as bad ones

Call me crazy, but I honestly think that Teletubbies is a GREAT T.V. show, NOT a terrible one! And it's one of the BEST shows I've ever seen, NOT WORST! The haters can't even explain what's so "creepy" and "disturbing" about this show anyway! If ANYTHING it's the LEAST most disturbing show I've ever seen! Then there's the Liv and Maddie haters. They're just like the Frozen haters and TLK hater, they're HYPOCRITES! They don't respect us fans yet they want us fans to respect THEM! And finally, there's the fact that some people don't just hate MODERN SpongeBob, but also SpongeBob SquarePants as a whole! SERIOUSLY! I don't know SPECIFICALLY what xandermartin98 thinks of SpongeBob, but he doesn't seem to think much of it. The old episodes were WONDERFUL! Seriously, Band Geeks, Texas, Chocolate with Nuts, and Rock-a-bye Bivalve have GOT to be among the BEST T.V. show episodes EVER MADE! They're my favorite episodes of SpongeBob, and also my favorite episodes of any OTHER show besides Liv ...more - Disney1994

19 The stupid celebrity memes, especially those relating to Justin Bieber and Donald Trump
20 Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black still getting constantly hated on
21 Jojo Siwa

This is in reference to her being highly rated on many recent lists.

22 Call Of Duty fanboys talking trash about Nintendo and its ilk because their games chose to have actually unique and interesting art styles over COD's fancy photorealistic brown-and-gray-tinted movie footage
23 Lists of person/character names that start with certain letters
24 Users that hate on other users for stat-padding their accounts
25 Visitors obnoxiously adding troll items to lists with the intent to either piss off others or to be simply stupid
26 The Parappa the Rapper series being so ridiculously underrated
27 People always talking about the same overrated group of TopTenners as if their list-making skills are their lives' biggest accomplishments
28 Heavy metal lists
29 Mortal Kombat fantards that hate on all of the other fighting games
30 Users with nonsensically biased opinions about things
31 Undertale lists
32 Undertale haters
33 Comments about Temmie on the Cutest Characters In Undertale list
34 SpongeBob SquarePants being ranked as #1 best cartoon
35 Lists of fictional characters that best represent certain colors
36 Nicki Minaj controversy
37 People hating on good YouTube celebrities
38 People not being able to decide whether certain things are the best or worst to ever exist
39 Users that can't decide what their own opinions are
40 Video game lists
41 Lion Guard fans
42 Lion King fans disrespecting opinions of those who hate the film or franchise.
43 People thinking things are bad just because they're underrated

This is PRECISELY why Gordy, Oliver & Company, The Rescuers, The Aristocats, Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound, Brother Bear, and other great Disney movies get hated on/lowly rated when the TRUTH is that they are all GREAT movies! And it's one of the things I hate most about different opinions: the fact that MANY people seem to hate literally ANYTHING that is either underrated or overrated, which leaves you with literally NO middle ground since EVERY show and movie ever made is ALWAYS underrated or overrated. There is NO SUCH THING as a fairly rated show or movie! - Disney1994

44 Bowsette
45 Green Day and It's Members Being The Best Punk Band and Best Punk Musicians
46 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

This is in reference to him being on every "worst" list.

47 Music lists
48 TopTenners that anoint Eminem the greatest rapper of all even though they are not hip-hop fans

This really irks me! - RobertWisdom

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