Top 10 Things YouTube Should Ban

Here is a list of things that should happen to YouTube, for its own good, as it has messed up really bad.
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1 Porn

What's wrong with porn? Why is an 18 year old legally allowed to watch porn and a 17 year old not? Then, why is a 19 year old allowed and not a 15 year old? Maybe 18 is just a bull, arbitrary number?

The reason why people under 18 aren't allowed to watch porn is because modern cultures have developed into deeming specific things "inappropriate". Like curse words. People have to be "mature" to use and hear (or read) a series of letters because when people are under 18, they're too impressionable and reckless to interpret things by themselves. It's why kids shouldn't know that they were once on the other side of their mother's vagina and why they shouldn't play video games with guns. It's also why they shouldn't read books that involve witchcraft or visit the neighbors, who are African-American and don't go to church.

There's this idiotic perception that the media filters the minds of children any differently than it already does many adults (coming from America, a good ...more

People like porn, just like they like violence and drugs, what is wrong with people these days? don't they realize they're only putting their lives at risk? Those kinds of things are threats and only make life worse, porn makes you want to feel alone, sex is about doing respectful and loving things toward another, and involves marriage, all that has to happen before sex, and sex is usually a gentle moment of love and respect, yet honoring the other.

Porn is not any of that, porn is just being ugly and doing those weird "stunts", and it's abusive, people are forcing each other to do that, it contains no love or honoring relationships, it just ruins life, it makes people want to be alone forever, it makes fun of sex and makes us treat it the wrong way, it's not funny or friendly.

Yet YouTube stars are talking too much about porn, just to get more views and more money, yet their doing a failed job at doing that, they don't even realize what they're getting themselves into, ...more

Porn has been a problem for years. Whether it's in the form of nudity, oral sex between lesbians, or something else bizarre, it's definitely something that YouTube should ban. Once somebody is hooked on it, it's hard for them to get out. If YouTuve would ban this, then things would be so much easier for those people.

YouTube is trying their hardest to ban porn, porn is one of the most dangerous things ever invented, it insults sex, YouTube is trying so hard to ban porn, but people, including Shane Dawson, Sam Pepper, Joey Graceffa, Jenna Marbles, Nicki Minaj, etc, are doing and talking about that stuff, twerking, showing off body parts, talking/making jokes and stories about genitals, and while there are people who flag those kinds of videos, there aren't enough doing that, yet they're still there, People need to stop filling their minds with such "stuff", it's a nuisance towards the internet and society, and people are doing that stuff, mainly to make more money, they're greedy.

2 Bullying

Bullying is such a harmful thing to do, it's a major problem with the world, it only hurts you and makes you feel bad about yourself.

YouTube is filled with mean comments from bullies, such as "if you don't like the videos? don't watch them".

They're so mean, yet even the YouTubers these days are bullying.

Please just feel good about being yourself, because that's what life's about.

This should be higher than porn, I get porn is kinda stupid from what I've heard from this site (I'm only 16!), but when you consider some people count stuff like Michaelgelo's David as porn, it shouldn't.

People get bored and begin to pick on each other for the most stupidest reasons, Once I saw 2 people fighting over cats vs dogs. Opinions, are opinions. There are no right or wrong.

An example of this are...
1. undertale fans bullying FNAF fans
2.people bullying other people for their voice (mrcrainer for example)
3. 90s music fans fighting against modern music fans..
and many more...

guys, everyone has their opinions on which one is the best...

3 Swearing

Really? It's fine if you don't like swearing, but you have to accept that it's literally everywhere on YouTube. YouTube is meant to be a place where people can see videos, but not just little children. There are many older people who need information and entertainment, too, and it often isn't suitable for children. There is mature content everywhere on YouTube. It's everywhere in the WORLD as well, like on TV, movies, books, and all. There is lots of content for children, too, but still. The responsible thing parents should do for their children is turn on Restricted Mode or keep track of what they're watching.

I tried to look up people ranking the albums of bands that I like on a tier list, but every video had strong profanity so I had to stop watching them.

I kinda disagree with this one, my dad says he'll never swear and then a few seconds later he'll be playing fallout4 and be swearing at it! My mum, who is actually quite polite says she'll never swear and yet she does it whenever she feels like it.

My point is, you can't STOP swearing. It just happens. And sometimes swear words can be funny depending on what the sentence is, It's the internet. If you don't like swearing, get off it.

You can't just ban swearing. Personally I agree that it's an issue of gamers and bloggers repeating inappropriate language, but you can't just stop it because it is natural for some people and it's a part of their vocabulary. However, I do agree there should be warnings on these videos because kids do watch random videos and it can teach them bad language.

4 Advertisements

Advertisements are a way to give people attention, but YouTube is taking them too far, it's full of harmful stuff, violence, porn, drugs, etc, They should be banned.

Yes! Let's get rid of the way for people to get money! You do realize that doing this would put hundreds out of business, right?

Ads are how people make money you no, if YouTube didn't have them it wouldn't make as much money and it wouldn't have as many YouTubers.

If there wasn't these, then people would loose jobs, and YouTube would probably go down.

5 Idiotic Vloggers

Vloggers are stupid anyway, we don't need to follow people's lives at all. Honestly the only reason I would use Vlog is in a film style to perhaps create a very interesting story. Vlogging is a silly concept because in all truth why do we need to follow someone's life, I don't care if you've gone shopping or what you are eating, I think Vlogs should be for adventure, like being in another country. Do a Vlog of that and it has more appeal than just everyday life.

Vlogging was a unique part of YouTube, but now, it's being done mainly by idiots, they are abusing it, and talking smack things on there, they don't care about their fans, they only want money, there's no hope in going on YouTube just to see a bunch of wimps vlogging about such garbage stuff, they can't make friends with anyone because they're horrible, it needs to end

6 Clickbait

Me: ooh! This looks like a pretty interesting video (judging by the thumbnail and title)
Video: *plays Never Gonna Give You Up*
Me: why you little-

Just make some quality videos and you won't need to clickbait to get views.

Yep. Get rid of 5-Minute Crafts and other click bait channels.

KidBehindACamera: *uploads a "we broke up..." video for the 10 Billionth time*

7 Haters

Hate leads to suffering. Seriously, they already suffered a lot.

8 Violence

Violence ain't bad to me, because in my opinion it's a video game and you can play a video game because it's not our world, it's a form of escapism, why would you want to watch a video gamer if you do not want to immerse yourself into the game. I do admit a lot of YouTubers just play random games that aren't played with any sort of immersion or story. A perfect example of a proper YouTuber, who uses games to let us enjoy ourselves by immersing ourselves in his games is Robbaz.

Lots of videos these days are violent, too violent, they are a bad influence towards kids and adults of all ages, they can ruin your mind and give you the influence to hurt others, some people put weapons on videos, and that's so wrong, people shouldn't look up that stuff.

You know that there's something that exists known as an "age rating", right? The parents are more to blame for blindly letting them watch this kind of stuff than YouTube. If you played a video game that had violence in it, would you complain? I hope not!

9 Copyright Paranoia

Honestly, this has gotten out of hand. Someone could make a video without any sound and an idjit (Yes, idjit. I'm not stupid, I just love Bobby from Supernatural) can come along and make a false claim saying that they used their song, and YouTube will delete the video, or in extreme cases, the person's channel. These idjits are stealing ad revenue, and if your job is being a creator on YouTube, then you won't get your money if someone makes a false claim. YouTube needs to step up their game, or else I'm sure that a lot of the viewers will boycott YouTube and go to Dailymotion or something. I am also pretty sure YouTube wouldn't care since millions of people are on there at a time, and 20,000 people boycotting the website will do nothing. I just hope that my favorite creators get the money they deserve.

How to get a good income from YouTube...
Step 1) Make a fake company
Step 2) Copyright claim random video clips that people use in their videos that aren't yours - nobody knows who made them anyway ('I'm just claiming it for them')...
Step 3) Grab some popcorn, wait and watch when the channel panics, cries and realises that YouTube doesn't care.
Step 4) Profit.
Step 5) Repeat.

YouTube copyrights videos made by the user and uploaded by the user. And they don't go back on copyright.

I see many YouTubers got their OWN video copyrighted by other awful people. That's really a problem YouTube should fix.

10 Greedy People

Okay, I'm going to give you an example of a greedy YouTuber. Aparri. I'm sure you don't know who Aparri is and I surely hope you don't. If you watch his videos, you'd think he isn't that much of a greedy guy. But lets point this out for you.

*He is obsessed with a game called ''Animal Jam''
*He will never reply to your comments even if you are crying telling him to
*He hacks and tricks others
*He will not sign your autograph unless you give him stuff
*He doesn't ask you to subscribe, he commands you to. And he doesn't even say thank you.
*He treats his fans like slaves to give him stuff
*All he cares about is money and stuff people give him and if he doesn't like it he will discard it in front of them

I'm not joking. Aparri is one of those YouTubers you can call selfish, and if there is another YouTuber that acts similar to this, they can be called selfish too. But most YouTubers only care about money now which totally sucks I think it needs to be banned

Don't forget some like Sam Pepper, Shane Dawson, Joey Graceffa, Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, Markpilier, Lohanthony, Drew Monson, Matthew Lush, Onision, and don't forget, Fred, he was great (though annoying to a lot with his edited voice) until he came out and sold his channel to little idiots, he's desperate for money, like many others, but he took the cake as an extreme example.

That's what YouTube is up to these days, greed, those people need to learn that life isn't all about money, but they don't care, they're gonna get sued one day.

Dude are you saying markiplier is greedy too? You don't know who he is he's actually the most kindesr YouTuber!

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11 Criminal Activity

Which is not acceptable.

12 Drugs

Drugs are one of the biggest concerns among people, they only hurt their lives by taking drugs, yet drugs are illegal, depending on what type, but many of which we talk about are dangerous.

Drugs are very harmful to people, so it should not be in videos unless they are like a PSA against drugs or something.

Don't do drugs kids.

13 Alt-Right
14 Harassment
15 Conspiracy Theories
16 Trolls
17 Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

He has more subscribers than YouTube itself and he cannot control his swearing, which is bad for kids ages 8-12 that watch YouTube a lot. Yet, he is enough to get more than 40 million subscribers? Nothing makes sense when it comes to YouTube, but it IS something I watch every day... What I'm TRYING to say is that PewDiePie has too many subscribers and he is too popular.

P.S. His intro is very annoying.

Seriously? I get it, Pewds has annonying fanbase, he's a disease to us all, etc. but banning him? Are we acting like children over a popular YouTuber who has, admittedly, dropped in content quality. Banning him when he has done nothing wrong, his fans maybe, but not him.

As much as I don't like his content and I HATE his fanbase with a burning passion, YouTube needs him and other big channels like him to survive.

I'm not a fan but honestly he's not as bad as his haters make him out to be. His fanbase is annoying sure but people honestly overreact to him

18 5-Minute Crafts
19 Repeated Comments

Comments like "I'm 12 and I love The Beatles" "Who's watching in 2016? " "Hit like of you think that bla bla bla" are just so lame..

Repeated comments are just dumb. I know because I'm a YouTuber.
Ex: "First! "
"Who's watching in 2016? "
"Subscribe to my channel! "
That's, just stupid.

Yes this! The who's watching in whatever year! Nobody cares!

Who's watching (insert year)
Can I get subscribers!

20 Annoying Comments
21 Unfair Copyright Claims

I'm tired of uploading a video and getting a copyright notice five minutes later.

This is already on the list, called "Copyright Paranoia".

22 LeafyIsHere Calvin Lee Vail, also known as Leafy or LeafyIsHere, is an American former YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who, from the years 2011 to 2020, made reaction, drama, and let's play videos but is mostly known for commentary.

All he does is bully kids and add gameplay footage. It's not even funny, and don't even get me started on his fanbase. They are literally spamming "HISS" everywhere! That's not funny either! It's just annoying!

You guys are all nuts. Leafy is not bad. He only has 3% of his videos on kids. And half of them aren't even on YouTube. He deleted half of them because he went to hard on them.

23 Benthelooney
24 Autism Haters

True, I have autism

25 Jake Paul Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to internet fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul is known for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

He sucks so bad.

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