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21 Feminist Frequency

They should add a disclaimer before their videos saying; "The content found in this video is fictional, no actual research was done before the making of this video".

I hate feminists and feminism!

There's a huge misconception about feminism. As Emma Watson said, feminism is NOT synonymous with man-hating. It's great that people are tackling gender issues like this. Please don't hate on feminism.

It's hard for people not to hate on it when the man-haters that consider themselves feminists are the most vocal. - HanSolo69


22 Dislike Button

Before Google+ idiot comments were either marked as spam or very unliked. Now we get only positive reinforcement. This means comments that get popular that many people also hate fill with likes, and likes only. Please bring back the useful dislike button!

The Dislike Button Is Great! Without That We Would've Never Had The Pleasure Of Hating Friday And Baby With A Burning Passion And Warning Others About It! - 12cc

It gives feed back to the video creator.

It is very useful for Jacob Sartorius's video's - micahisthebest

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23 Bad Music Videos

This is something that has to do with the music industry itself, not YouTube lol.

Many people are going to hate and disagree with but Justin Beiber is a changed man and his music videos aren't bad...Miley Cyrus changed in a BAD way and NOBODY WATCH WREAKING BALL! - TopTenListmaker

Still caring about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. - GamerBoy

TopTemListmaker Justin Bieber will never be a man.

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24 Minecraft Videos

What Minecraft is just another game if your bothered by it then just don't watch or play it

Think about it. Over half of the people on YouTube would lose their jobs, and YouTube would also be impacted (is that a word? )

Minecraft Videos Are Actually Pretty Good - 12cc

I hate minecraft videos but that's like half of YouTubes content now - Randomator

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25 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

His apology video was a joke and he's a pathetic pile of poop

Just delete his channel already - Th3Zm0nst3r

Seriously? Vloggers? Pewdiepie? I mean, they're not good in any sense of the word, but there are bigger problems out there. You know, like giving your friend PTSD.

He is poppy poopy pop papa poopy

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26 Bad YouTube Channels

YouTube used to be so great, it was fun and awesome, there were some of the best videos around, Charlie Bit Me, The Sneezing Panda, Chocolate Rain, Numa Numa, Dramatic Chipmunk, Star Wars Kid, and Fred.

Now, it's full of horrible channels that focus primarily on porn, violence and drugs, they aren't even safe to watch.

People are so greedy nowadays and they aren't careful with what they're doing, they don't realize that someday, fans are going to take their money back.

YouTube needs to ban these channels. - nelsonerica

How the hell can you do this? Nothing is 100% good or bad, you can't just ban x and y because they're "bad YouTubers", that's like the admin of this site banning users he doesn't like. - Puga

YouTube was 95% good back then, now, since 2014, it's 95% bad, 10% bad back then and 10% good now.

Full of garbage now. - nelsonerica

Sam pepper anyone?

I agree on banning JCL Kaytwo. He is a troll, he like to call people idiots just because they don't agree with Wikipedia (I am pretty sure we all know that's not a reliable source) or his Stefan-Boltzmann constant calculations when it comes to star figures.

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27 Unfair Copyright Claims

This is already on the list, called "Copyright Paranoia".

Same thing as copyright paranoia - TopT3ns

I'm tired of uploading a video and getting a copyright notice five minutes later. - KaptainThumbs

28 Gligar13Vids

He's a troll. Stop giving him attention!

Gligar13Vids is an annoying YouTuber that rants about every game that people likes and always say Call of Duty is good... - Moorefamval

29 Nicole Arbour

Let's trade in this skank and Shane Dawson to get Edd Gould and kitty0706 back. - ThePwoperMuser101

She's broken YouTube guideline rules
Not to mention.. Why is she not in jail?

30 Nightcore

How to make nightcore video:
1) Speed up a song
2) Put it to a higher pitch
3) Slap a picture of an anime girl in the background
Now you have nightcore, enjoy the views, likes, subscriptions and money you got!

See? This is extremely overrated, and mostly nightcore versions of a song gets more attention than their originals. Imagine how their artists feel. Nightcore (aka nightcrap) needs to be banned. - MChkflaguard_Yt

31 Spam Comments

I think certain comments should be looked at before being considered spam. I may write about how YouTube sucks but at least let it be reported before not displaying please.

Every time you comment something on YouTube they will comment you

These comments ruin YouTube. - TopT3ns

Great video. Make more.
1 like in a month
500 likes in an hour - naFrovivuS

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32 Reaction Videos

By reaction videos, I don't mean the ones such as ones reacting to shock videos and all that. Those are fine. I'm talking about the people like Jinx and Tyrone Magnus who steal other people's content and add nothing to the video that they're "reacting" to. This has been a major problem before the whole Fine Brothers incident.

A normal person would just watch the video and change it if it's weird, they wouldn't use cats to post on YouTube.

THe Fine Bros's videos were actually in fair use. But yeah, people like Jinx aren't.

This is the worst and lowest scum on YouTube - KrazzyMadd

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33 Justin Bieber Videos

This is part of the Bad Music Videos section, Take this off the list, we don't need a copy.

These videos needs to be destroyed

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34 The Whip Nae Nae

Nothing compared to the things I put on the list. - nelsonerica

People who don't like this song are the people who think its annoying.if you don't like it than don't watch it!

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35 Vevo

They censored Last Resort by Papa Roach when they weren't using cuss words, but they leave Nicki Minaj songs uncensored even though she cusses 1 million times in her songs.

I don't know how this wasn't on this list to begin with - hype

Justin Bieber Enough Said

36 Finger Family

This song is as annoying as Frozen fandom! This song has been made into THOUSANDS of different versions, such as superheroes, Peppa Pig, Masha the Bear, and of course, Frozen! If you're looking for a channel for kids that doesn't have this so-called "nursery rhyme" uploaded, try out Super Simple Songs. Whenever you can, please flag all of the Finger Family videos out there and block the channels that keep on uploading these stupid videos. They all sing the same lyrics over and over again. But watch out, some of them repeat the song or smash multiple Finger Family videos together into collections! Oh no! This song is instantly becoming the most overrated thing on YouTube for kids aside from toy hunts, toy reviews, surprise egg openings, and toy unboxing videos. I recommend you don't watch any of the Finger Family videos out there now. Why? They're just repetitive and don't ever stop!

37 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig

God, I Hate This Show! - JPK

38 Elsagate

These types of videos should definitely get banned, and that's actually one of the things YouTube is currently working on. These videos are targeted at kids, yet they often feature content and situations that are unsuitable for young kids such as violence, kidnapping and abduction, toilet humor, fetishes, and more. - WindWakerFan

39 SofloAntonio

*Mariah Carey voice* I don't know her.

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40 British Vloggers

What's so wrong about the British? Lots of people in every country is annoying. Plus, lots of the American vloggers are annoying, so if you really aren't keen on a British vlogger, that's fine, but face it dude, YouTube isn't going to be offensive on British and do this.

I'm American, but there's nothing wrong with British vloggers.

What is wrong with British? There just like everyone else! This is just racist, even though I'm Canadian

That's Racist - JPK

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