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1 Nintendo Entertainment System

Oh come on you have to remember this system the NES had great games like super Mario bros duck hunt Tetris Zelda and more not as great as the PS2 but still a good system to revive games.

This is obviously the best, It has a great collection:
Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Legend of Zelda, Legend of Zelda 2,Contra, Castlevania and the list goes on - Martinglez

2 Sega Master System

Of course Sega delivered great games like Sonic and more the master system is amazing.

3 Atari 7800

I know Atari was the one that crashed games but I think this system is awesome even more than the 5200.

4 Commodore 64

I know this is like a computer but the commodore 64 is still a system you need to buy.

5 Casio VP-1000

Wow a system that made amazing felts that you can't buy.

6 Super Cassette Vision

It kind of looks weird but I think you might want to try it out.

7 SG-1000

The console is made buy Sega But its still not bad but very nice.

8 View-Master Interactive Vision

Its looks so good that the console made good games that all you want to do is play it over and over again.

9 Action Max

It kind of looks like it was made for mad men but this I got to look at the system had good intndendments to make it feel awesome.

10 Atari XEGS
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1. Nintendo Entertainment System
2. Sega Master System
3. Atari 7800
1. Nintendo Entertainment System
2. Sega Master System
3. Atari 7800



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