The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #3 The Birth of Nintendo, now you're playing with power!

htoutlaws2012 Today we look at new competition for the most part aside from one who still managed to make it past its glory days. This is gen where video games were revived, and saved thanks to one company that is still in business to this day while one had to take a seat back before making there bold move the following gen, but for now these consoles represent the 3rd generation.

Commodore 64

Released: 1982
Discontinued: 1994
Generation: 3rd
Units Sold: 2.6 Million (unranked)
Initial Price: $595.00
IGN Rank: Unranked

Could you ever imagine playing something that was pretty much a beta test PC game console of the 80's, but failed massively that would be the C64. It does have some notable titles to come with the system itself, but the controls at the time nobody knew how to operate that type of setup until later on with just a plain old PC, and I can hear the diehards now saying ''PC MASTER RACE!'' that's not the case hear at all that's the opposite of those retro gamers would to this otherwise... I can't possibly imagine anyone saying these words ever ''Commodore MASTER RACE!'' Its very strange to know that i'm playing what resembles a Apple Macintosh congratulations let's just rename it. I find it incredibly dull, and nothing that notable for this system to say anything nearly positive even 5/10

Atari 7800

Released: 1986
Discontinued: 1992
Generation: 3rd
Units Sold: 3.5 Million (unranked)
Initial Price: $79.95
IGN Rank: 17th

After the disaster train that was the Atari 5200 really did no favors for Atari it was hard to bounce back from terror of 1983 really effected this company very badly. Back then you felt envy for Atari, a dynasty crushed by some terribly developed games now having trouble sell any of the next incoming consoles. The 7800 was not totally bad like the 5200, but people were not sure to buy what they heard kinda like the Xbox One, but will get to that when we do. To be more technical this was one of the first console that could play from old retro previous Atari consoles. I do like they went with a more low risk type deal aiming for 79 bucks. If it ends up a blunder than so be it. In terms of any new innovative games for the system there wasn't that much that I could for you unfortunately. Its one of their better consoles, but that doesn't say much since the others were just victims of the 1983 demise. 6/10

Sega Master System

Released: 1985
Discontinued: 1992
Generation: 3rd
Units Sold: 13 million (24th)
Initial Price: $200
IGN Rank: 20th

Sega Master System also known as the Sega Mark II which sounds like a more cooler name in itself was not the first console by Sega itself that goes to the SG-1000 which was very forgotten by many to be the original. Why do I say that because many even me thought this was the first console gee what was I thinking until looking into the research. Nevertheless that didn't need much explanation since it falls into obscurity in comparison, but needs a brief mention. Back to the Sega Mark II, it had a very unique look for its time looking very rad like that appealed to gamers alike. It had some good titles in the lineup that rank among the best of all time, but the franchises were not exactly exposed until its successor came into the mold, and did unthinkable things it accomplished. This one was a much more recognizable start, and would help that launch point of Sega reaching to bigger heights down the road. 6.5/10

Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom

Released: 1985 (NA), 1983 (Japan)
Discontinued: 1995, 2003
Generation: 3rd
Units Sold: 61.91 million (12th)
Initial Price: $179
IGN Rank: 1st

In such a dead period those dark times when Atari was on its death pedestal, and you didn't know if the survival of video games was emanate. Luckily in the mid 80's there was one company who revived all that we love of gaming today that being Nintendo specially the infamous Nintendo Entertainment System had got itself a widely marketing success all over the world. Spawning such great classic video game franchise classic such as Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, Mega Man as well as many others i'm leaving out. Point is at the time the fact these were great exclusive series still to this day. It went to last a full decade, and that broke unspeakable records, until a certain Sony system that was able to live much longer, and of higher sales. Without Nintendo where would we be talking about video games in the first place. A revolutionary, and one of the most important consoles of all time. 10/10

Next time will dive into arguably the greatest console rivalry from the early 90's, and much more to come.


Cool series. I look forward to the next one. - cjWriter1997