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21 Beardo or Trent? V 2 Comments
22 Ellody or Mary? V 1 Comment
23 Dawn dating Scott or Devin dating Carrie?

Devin and Carrie, of course! They are really sweet together, why pair Scott with Dawn they don't like each other; Scott's too much of a jerk.

V 2 Comments
24 Kitty or Emma? V 1 Comment
25 Taylor or Courtney?

They look like they could be sisters!

V 1 Comment
26 Crimson or Mike for season 6? V 1 Comment
27 Miles marrying Harold, or Dakota marrying Max?

I don't ship either, but Harold and Miles go better together.

Miles + Harold = cuteness overload.

V 1 Comment
28 Seeing Top Her Take His Clothes Off, or Rodney Taking His Off? V 1 Comment
29 Seeing Zoey In Skimpy Lingerie, or Seeing Jo Dance In a Towel? V 1 Comment
30 Would you rather hook up with Tyler or Lightning?

Tyler because he is cuter and has a better attitude.

Tyler. He's a lot nicer, and he'd be able to tell I'm a girl.

31 Who's hotter, Justin or Alejandro? V 1 Comment
32 Sisters or Police Cadets

The Sisters by far. Sure the Police Cadets were good but can get overrated at times. For the sisters team, they had a storyline, good development, and we get to know them both pretty well.

33 Chris McLean or Don?

Don by a longshot. Chris is just cruel to his contestants and actually loves to see them suffer. I hope Chris can finally come out of his shell next season. That's why Don is a lot cooler than him. He never turned a island into a dump and never made his contestants go feral. He even cares for his contestants and loves winners (as seen in Hawaiian Honeyruin).

34 Fashion Bloggers or Ice Dancers?

Fashion Bloggers are better than those infamous and devastating Ice Losers.

35 New contestants or past contestants for season 6

They definitely won't be new contestants competing now that TDPI cast just got introduced. Some TDI contestants are coming back with other contestants yet to be announced.

36 Amy or Taylor?

Taylor gets my vote. She seemed unique for a stuck-up girl. Amy on the other hand is nothing but "Nega Samey".

37 Courtney in a relationship or Courtney remains single?

Courtney should just remain single after having to put so much drama. Maybe if she returns, she should never hook up with a man again. I mean not all ladies of TD need to go all "lovely dovely" over a man like her.

38 Cartoon comedy or dramatic scenes?

Dramatic scenes wins by a longshot. The show is called Total DRAMA, not Total COMEDY.

39 Any contestant that competed before or a brand new contestants cast?

Any contestant that competed before. Most of TD's three generations haven't wrapped up their plot arcs yet.

40 To see an old couple breaking up or a new one being formed?

Neither because both can lead to derailment and bad/rushed plotlines.

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