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41 New location or at an already known one?

A new location would be fine.

42 Non-eliminations or team swaps?

I don't mind the non-elimination episodes of the series. One of my favorite aspects of "Total Drama" is the character development, and having characters that everyone likes can continue to develop. It's much more interesting than having them leave prematurely. Team swaps are okay though.

43 Fodders having a plot or screen-hoggers being fodder?

Screen-hoggers being fodder. I wanna see how screen-hoggers like Duncan would react if they were the first contestant voted off.

44 To see contestant's relatives as cameos or competing?

Depends on which one we're talking about.

45 A 3-way finale or the classic 2-way ones?

3-way finale gets my answer. It allows more interactions in the finale and more competing screen-time for someone.

46 Christmas themed TD special or an easter one?

Fresh should plan a TD Christmas special, kind of like what they did with 6teen.

47 To have another spin-off. or continue the already begun ones?

RR has just began and we, the fans of this show, really want the Ridonculous Race to continue. The show still has plenty of more teams that the IRL TD staff can create and brainstorm on their own (lifeguards, punks, etc), and lots of new destinations that Don can send the racers to (the Galapagos Islands, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, etc). I also want new gameplay elements as well. Another spin-off is a "no thanks" for me. I rather have RR continue instead of another spin-off.

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