Top Ten Thomas & Friends Characters That Need to Return


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1 Elizabeth Elizabeth V 1 Comment
2 Duke Duke

Duke is a great character, with untapped potential. Ditch Freddie and bring back one of the most loved characters. And if Duke doesn't reach the Number One spot, well, that would never suit his grace!

Duke is a Perfect character. They need to bring him back. Best Narrow Gauge engine ever.

Somebody needs to get Duke out of the contenders now! He's gotta go straight to the top!

Much needed role model to the other narrow gauge engines! I hated how Skarloey was made out to be the "wise old engine". Duke would bring back a much needed tone to Thomas and Friends as a CGI series.

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3 Molly Molly

One of the only HIT characters that I care about.

V 2 Comments
4 Terence Terence

And make his face less ugly.

He is actually coming back in the 21st season - BowserKoopa22

5 Boco Boco

Kick BoCo out of the contenders! Get him to the top of the list right now! - FinnsWorld

He is ma favorite one and I'm 10

Bring Boco back NOW!

I think Boco may return in Journey Beyond Sodor.

6 Madge Madge
7 Dennis Dennis
8 George George V 2 Comments
9 Ned Ned V 1 Comment
10 Neville Neville

If he does return, make him less ugly. His face and design make me want to puke.

This might seem wired but neville is one of my favorite characters

I remember watching this when I was little - KingFab

The Contenders

11 Kelly Kelly

The Pack are some of the only HIT characters that I care about.

Kelly is the Pack's leader. He needs to return.

12 Mighty Mac Mighty Mac

Mighty mac is a two face character and I like him

One of the only HIT characters that I care about.

The Chang and Eng of Thomas and Friends.

Mighty Mac is better than Freddie.

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13 Stepney
14 Buster Buster V 1 Comment
15 Freddie Freddie

Ripped off both Ivo Hugh and Duke. I hate him.

V 2 Comments
16 Fergus Fergus
17 Sixteen

I think sixteen is a good character he dos not suck

He doesn't count. He never appeared in the television series, moron.
And by the way, he sucks.

Wilbert is boring, go Sixteen!

I dunno, Wilbert just seemed sort of generic from what I read about him. *shrugs*

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18 Billy V 3 Comments
19 Bertram Bertram V 2 Comments
20 Murdoch Murdoch

One of the only HIT characters that I care about.

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