Top Ten Thomas & Friends Characters That Need to Return


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21 Murdoch Murdoch

One of the only HIT characters that I care about.

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25 Harvey

Pretty much, Rocky's now doing his work. But they both are really useful. The last season Harvey appeared in was season 12. Rocky shouldn't be doing all the work now, that puts Harvey out of a job. Although unlike Rocky, Harvey can move on his own. Harvey can't lift everything Rocky can, but he can do a fair amount of lifting. If he ever does come back to the show, I do predict he'll be working at the "Sodor Search and Rescue Center"

He already returned. But I hate him.

26 Bill

Not much to say about these guys. It is a shame that only Ben was in season 12. They should be everywhere together like Michael Angelis and Alec Baldwin say in "Buffer Bother" in their respective country's version. But both are not on the show now, and they should come back.

27 Duncan

Season 16 was suppose to bring back all the original narrow-gauge engines. And they did, all except two. Duke who we'll get to later, and Duncan. I've read some sources that the reason Duncan didn't appear in season 16 or "Blue Mountain Mystery" was because at the time Nitrogen Studios went to the Talyllyn railway to get details on the real life basis's, Duncan's twin, Douglas was under repairs. So Nitrogen couldn't be made at that point. But hopefully by now Douglas has been repaired and Arc Productions will animate him for season 17.

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28 Donald

These twins were awesome. They were a couple of characters that didn't make many appearances by the time we got into the season 8 era. I do predict that if they did come back, the same guy would voice them both in the UK and US considering they are Scottish.

29 Oliver

Oliver was an awesome character. And he still is. The problem is, he's not with us now. MissOliverandBlossom was, as his username applies, missed him a lot at the time he joined YouTube. Since at that time were just got into the new model series and Oliver didn't make a comeback until season 12, and then he disappears again.

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30 Duck

Now, looking at the picture that I used, you'll have already guessed that Duck is going to come back. Thank you Mr. Brenner! A lot of people thought that Emily had replaced him along with Donald, Douglas and Oliver, but we all know that's not true. Duck never made any huge roles and he hardly was part of the steam team. But he's coming back, thank goodness, everybody rejoice. Let's hope he stays this time and not just disappear again after 1 season.

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31 Ben

He and Bill have already returned.

32 Douglas

I love Douglas, he's my favorite character!

He and Donald have already returned.

33 Arthur
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36 Derek
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38 Hank
39 Old Slow Coach V 1 Comment
40 Caroline V 1 Comment
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