Best Thomas & Friends Crashes

There are some thing that no matter how much time passes will always be cool. Thomas & Friends Crashes are one of these things. Here are the best Thomas & Friends Crashes.

The Top Ten Best Thomas & Friends Crashes

1 Thomas's Crash in Thomas and The Special Letter

You're a loser

2 Oliver's Crash in Oliver Owns Up
3 Neville's Crash in Thomas and The New Engine
4 Duncan's Crash in Dunkin Duncan
5 Madge's Crash in Cool Truckings
6 James's Crash in The Adventure Begins
7 Stepney's Crash in Rosie's Funfair Special
8 Skarloey's Crash in The Old Bridge
9 Bertie's Crash in Percy's New Whistle
10 Patrick's Crash in On Site With Thomas

The Contenders

11 Henry's Crash in The Flying Kipper
12 Peter Sam's Crash in Rusty Helps Peter Sam
13 Duck's Crash in A Close Shace for Duck
14 James's Crash in Dirty Objects
15 Max and Monty's Crash in The Tortoise and the Hare
16 Gordon's Crash in Gordon Takes a Tumble
17 Ned's Crash in Thomas's Trusty Friends
18 Donald and Douglas' Crash in Twin Trouble
19 Thomas's Crash In Percy Gets It Right
20 Fergus's Crash In Bill Ben And Fergus
21 Edward's Crash In Edward`s Brass Band
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