Best Thomas and Friends Episodes from Season 7

These Thomas and friends episodes where made in 2003.
The Top Ten
1 Bulgy Rides Again

Bulgy's Return Is So Beautiful

2 Gordon and Spencer

Top 10 best, so good!
I still love how they keep the Gordon and Spencer rivalry strong 15 years after!
And Spencer is at his best here!

3 Emily's New Coaches
4 Percy Gets It Right
5 Bill, Ben and Fergus
6 The Spotless Record
7 Something Fishy

The best Thomas crash.
'he's fallen in the water! '

8 What's the Matter With Henry?
9 Peace and Quiet
10 Edward's Brass Band
The Contenders
11 The Old Bridge
12 Harold and the Flying Horse
13 Trusty Rusty
14 Bad Day at Castle Loch
15 Three Cheers for Thomas!
16 Fergus Breaks the Rules
17 Best Dressed Engine
18 The Refreshment Lady's Tea Stand
19 The Runaway Elephant
20 Salty's Stormy Tale
21 James and the Queen of Sodor
22 Snow Engine
23 Not So Hasty Cakes
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