Top 10 Best Thomas & Friends Episodes

For this list, let's go over the Top 10 Best Thomas and Friends Episodes. This list features a mixture of the classic, the new and the CGI eras episodes.

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1 Escape

So, I guess I'll be sharing my opinions on all fourty six episodes on this list, starting with my favorite episode of the whole show. This episode knew just the right characters to use at just the right spots, Oliver and Toad are some really lovable characters (Especially in seasons 18 and 19), the music was fantastic, and, while they did remove Isabelle, it still worked perfectly. But by far the greatest aspect of this episode was the atmosphere, it's dark and epic feeling that you would most certainly not expect to have in a show about talking trains is really what makes this episode so memorable, 98/100

This episode has been know to be my favorite from Season 3! I like Oliver, he is a great character and I love how he had many major roles in the classic series!

Douglas was a very interesting main character here, and it worked perfectly. We are now introduced two epic characters, Oliver and Toad.

I Think this is my Second or Third Favourite Thomas the Tank Engine Episode

2 Edward's Exploit

Aesthetically the best Thomas and Friends episode. The sets combined with the remixed version of Edward's theme combine to create the perfect mood for the episode. From a critical view with a fillm background it is easily one of the best episodes of Thomas and Friends

I actually read the story version of this before the actual video. Either way, this episode shows that determination is a good answer, and you gotta love the ending where Edward is like, "really want to insult me NOW? "

Best Season 2 episode and best Edward the #2 engine episode ever! It was very nice that he got the passengers home, and that he battled on through the storm.

This episode makes a great impression of Edward and always had the fact to scream YES, IN YOUR FACE! at the top of my lungs when he finished his trip and went into the sheds

3 Thomas and Bertie

This episode is the best episode of all Thomas history! The race was brilliant, I loved that windmill shot, and Thomas and Bertie star in an episode together! I just love it whenever they do that!

The Episode that makes the Classics stand out

My number for Bertie is 2. My number for thomas is 1.

The opening theme is based on this episode

4 All At Sea

How was this not on the list? The music and visuals provided the perfect atmosphere for this episode. The final shot at the sunset was the best way to end a VHS

5 Thomas and the Special Letter

This episode is very entertaining to watch. This episode will probably stay my favorite from Season 4 for a very long time!

Funny crash, interesting story, surprising, and becomes doubtful to hopeful. The whole plot is terrific.

One of my 5 favorites of the show for feeling like the biggest thing to ever happen in Thomas.

The 100th episode of the series. Would have been a perfect series finale if needed.

6 Gallant Old Engine

Easily the most awesome moment in the narrow gauge arc. The music goes perfectly with Rheneas's determination and perseverance.

This episode is okay in my opinion. Kinda sad this marks Duke's last appearence to date.

7 Toad Stands By

Oliver teaching those trucks a lesson is his most awesome moment!

Lol The silliest Episode Of Thomas and Percy ever!

8 Granpuff

I don't know why, but the music playing over the viaduct scenes were so memorable

Smudger is dead

Great episode

9 Old Iron

It's a classic. James also breaks the fourth wall in this episode - when he says "Late again! " he says it to the camera rather than Edward's face.

Edward's second most awesome moment after Edward's Exploit. Just goes to show old ain't the same as broke.

James-I’m sorry for calling you old Iron Edward thanks for saving me
Edward-You’re welcome James
James and Edward becoming friends

10 Troublesome Trucks

James' most awesome moment in the classic series. The triumphant theme will be stuck in your head

James silliest Episode Of all time!

The Contenders

11 Disappearing Diesels
12 Rusty and the Boulder

People hate this for Disney. Are you guys high? Disney has NOTHING to do with Thomas. This was epic, chilling, and gave goosebumps!

13 The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor
14 Wayward Winston
15 A Close Shave

I love this episode so much. My favorite part is when Duck said, "It's too late! " One time, I did a pumpkin project out the book. I used green paint for the sides, gray paint for the face, black paint for the eyes and mouth and the number 8, and I used cotton balls for the shaving cream. I was in second place.

Good to see justice being delivered

a great crash and an end to the Duck and Diesel trilogy makes this a fantastic episode.

really funny I love it

16 Three Cheers for Thomas

Oh yeah, all the times Thomas and Bertie have raced over the years. Thomas and Bertie, Hooray for Thomas, Thomas' shortcut and even Sodor's legend of the lost treasure have payed a tribute to the races of Thomas and Bertie.

And so we come to the last episode of the classic series, and it's just got to be the BEST swan song ever in the history of Thomas!

SPOILERS: A sequel to my #1 favorite episode was brilliant.

What is your favourite episode

17 Who's Geoffrey

It is the number 1 epsidoe. It is the funniest

18 Make Someone Happy
19 Bulldog

When I was a kid the cliff scene was the most suspenseful moment ever. It's amazing how Duke manages to rescue Sir Handel with only a few saucepans

20 Edward the Hero

This was a Sharon Miller episode? Well!

Edward the hero blue ENGLISH

21 A Scarf for Percy

This episode is amazing! My favorite 3rd season and classic series episode!

WHOA! there is no way that I should say a word mentioned a few times in this episode. its just too funny! this needs to be top 5

"My best trousers too!"
"Yes sir, please sir!"

The accident never gaets old!

22 The Flying Kipper

Beautiful tale, similar to a nursery rhyme. The Music and Visual Imagry is more than fantastical. And it's a thomas episode in which henry is used to his full potential... Something that didn't happen often in the newer seasons.

The best episode featuring Henry ever showing he was never a scaried engine just a though one stronger than the others and braver than Thomas, also showing he doesn't need any special coal. Even though the new series has this idea still in

Henry's most well known adventure. After this he gets a new shape and grows out of his sick weak phase

Always the standout episode to me as a kid for its visuals, music and memorable crash scene.

23 Best Friends

Friendship is Magic!

Random Guy: OH NO!

Thomas and Percy's friendship is amazing as always, even in that certain S15 episode everyone complains about. It's always nice to see them star in an episode together.

Silliest Episode Of Thomas hanging out with Percy!

Best friends forever Thomas!

Wil nevile return in ful cgi

24 Steam Roller

We need more steam vehicles in this show other than George and Trevor. Steam cars, buses, and wagons maybe.

George is great!

25 The Sad Story of Henry

Come Out Henry is also known as The Sad Story Of Henry because it gets even sadder in part 2 than in part 1.

My favorite episode hands down.

The fat controller is so lazy

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