Best Thomas & Friends "The Great Race" New Characters

This special will be shown in select UK cinemas beinging on May 21st.

This special will introduce the most new characters to date, at a total of twelve.
This special will be released in the same year Flying Scotsman returned to service in real-life.

Tina Desai joins the voice cast.
This special marks the first of a few things:

The first full appearance of Flying Scotsman in the television series, and his first appearance since the third season.
The first appearance of Vicarstown station in the television series.

The Top Ten Best Thomas & Friends "The Great Race" New Characters

1 Ashima

She is rainbow

Great Singer - 23windomt

2 Vinnie
3 Frieda
4 Gina
5 Ivan
6 Raul
7 Yong Bao
8 Axel
9 Carlos
10 Shane

The Contenders

11 Flying Scotsman

Greatest and most famous locomotive ever. Get him to the top of this list!

12 Philip

Philip debuted in the 19th series, not the Great Race.

13 Etienne
14 Rajiv
15 Edward
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