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1 Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

This Film Is Amazing, Not As Good As Tale Of The Brave Or The Adventure Begins, But It's Still Amazing, 3rd Best Thomas Film Of All Time, 10/10.

This is one of the movies of Thomas and Friends.

YEAH THIS IS THE BEST SPECIAL EVER! -The Person Who Added "The Adventure Begins" to the list.

Alfie, Daisy, Donald, Douglas, Jack, Max, Monty & Oliver return. - FinnsWorld

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2 Tale of the Brave

This special was very different to other specials. The many character was not Thomas, It Was PERCY. How Cool Is That? This special stands out over others. Percy, your living my dream. This has to be the best Thomas special EVER.

Percy should really get a special all to himself. I just hope they don't SHOEHORN THOMAS IN TO IT. I Hope Journey Beyond Sodor (The 2017 special coming soon) will be even better than the awesome special, Tale Of The Brave.


3 King of the Railway

This movie is overrated, dumb, stupid, and was a TERRIBLE start to the Benner era of CGI Thomas.

Amazing! - FinnsWorld

This is my 3rd favorite special behind number 2, Journey Beyond Sodor and number 1, Tale Of The Brave.

4 The Great Discovery

Alfie, Buster, Jack, Kelly, Max, Monty, Ned, Oliver & Terence return. - FinnsWorld

And so did Dennis & Diesel 10 - FinnsWorld

5 Hero of the Rails

Spencer returns. - FinnsWorld

6 The Adventure Begins

This masterpiece should be number 1

€�Love How they Made A movie of the First Seven Thomas episodes Also THE CHASE IS EPIC! I Just love it

A love letter to awdry and the fans of the RWS, absolutely beautiful.

Sorry, I forgot to add that movie :( me and other users will probably try and get this on number two. do you want to join in? - FinnsWorld

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7 Journey Beyond Sodor

This was not Thomas...AT ALL! I mean, engines bouncing?! REALLY MATTEL, REALLY?! This movie was also very bad, it was annoying, stupid, too cartoony, the plot is as horrible as crap, and almost everything about this movie was terrible, not as bad as Misty Island Rescue, but in my opinion, Journey Beyond Sodor is the second worst Thomas movie to date, and this is also the start of a new dark age for the show, EVEN WORSE THE MILLER ERA!

Journey Beyond Sodor is by far a highly enjoyable film not to mention one I am willing to watch over and over again. The new engines Frankie, Hurricane, Merlin, Lexi and Theo are some of the best characters in the entire series and in my opinion are very special engines indeed. This film is quite a lovely work of animation.

How is this trash higher than the movie gold that is The Adventure Begins, that special should be number one.

I really enjoyed this one, despite the bouncing, it was by far my favorite one

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8 Blue Mountain Mystery

Luke's first aperance


Though I do think Luke and the Blue Mountain Quarry where pointless this special was okay.

My son's favorite by far. Lots of action, my son quotes this all the time (he's 3 1/2). He loved the book before we saw the movie.

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9 Thomas & the Magic Railroad

This movie is a classic, get over it.

I love Diesel 10

Depressed Peter Fonda: The Movie

This special is also a movie and the only movie and you lot can keep you opinions but mine this is my number 1

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10 Big World! Big Adventures!

I Have Seen The Movie. It Was Pretty Good. Ace & Nia Were Really Good Characters. There Is 1 Problem Though. That Is That Thomas Thinks He Can Do Everything By Himself (SPOILER ALERT: He Can't). I Like How Sir Topham Hatt Went After Thomas To Find Him. I Am Interested What They Will Do In Season 22 With The International Engines. 2 Of Them (Carlos & Yong Bao) Were In This Movie. Also, I Didn't Really Notice The Bouncing. Only In Songs Where It Feels Like They Are Kinda Dancing. Overall Rating: 7,5/10

Interestingly, I for one am looking forward to seeing this. Only because the international engines will be returning. I consider them more special than the Sodor engines.

This movie could possible be the worst Thomas & Friends movie to date, even worse than Misty Island Rescue.

I think we already know how this will effect the show.

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11 The Great Race The Great Race


I thought that this special was okay, I don't think it's as good as other 2016 animated movies like The Secret Life Of Pets or The Angry Birds Movie, but it's not a huge disaster like Sing or Norm Of The North.

Why do you guys hate this special so much?! Why is it a the bottom of the list?

I know it hasn't come out yet, but I think it'll be awesome, because:

1. This special will introduce the most new characters to date, at a total of twelve.
2. This special marks the first of a few things.
3. The first full appearance of Flying Scotsman in the television series, and his first appearance since the third season.
4. The first appearance of Vicarstown station in the television series. - FinnsWorld

12 Calling All Engines

Daisy, Derek, Diesel 10, Lady & Rusty return. - FinnsWorld

I find it to be underrated. - FinnsWorld

Don't forget bill and ben

13 Misty Island Rescue


Butch, Diesel 10, Harold, Salty, Stanley & Whiff return. - FinnsWorld

Despite the rhyming, it was alright. - FinnsWorld

To FinnsWorld
I think this is still the worst Thomas & Friends movie to date.

14 Day of the Diesels

I think it's good, but not great. - FinnsWorld

Poorly written and has so much filler. - FinnsWorld

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