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1 Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

YEAH THIS IS THE BEST SPECIAL EVER! -The Person Who Added "The Adventure Begins" to the list.

Alfie, Daisy, Donald, Douglas, Jack, Max, Monty & Oliver return. - FinnsWorld

Great characters finally return! - Somedude8

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2 Tale of the Brave

This special was very different to other specials. The many character was not Thomas, It Was PERCY. How Cool Is That? This special stands out over others. Percy, your living my dream. This has to be the best Thomas special EVER.

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3 King of the Railway V 1 Comment
4 The Great Discovery

Alfie, Buster, Jack, Kelly, Max, Monty, Ned, Oliver & Terence return. - FinnsWorld

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5 Hero of the Rails V 1 Comment
6 Blue Mountain Mystery

Though I do think Luke and the Blue Mountain Quarry where pointless this special was okay.

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7 Calling All Engines

Daisy, Derek, Diesel 10, Lady & Rusty return. - FinnsWorld

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8 The Adventure Begins

Sorry, I forgot to add that movie :( me and other users will probably try and get this on number two. do you want to join in? - FinnsWorld

Why the hell is this movie not on here?!?! It should be at least Number 2 on the list because it's my second favourite movie after Sodor's Legend Of The Lost Treasure. come on! Get this to Number 2, but NOT Number 1, because SLOTLT is on Number 1 and SHOULD be on Number 1!

To FinnsWorld-
Hi, it's okay if you forgot to add it. I was the one who added this, though I'm not a TheTopTens member, which is why I'm anonymous. Thanks anyway.

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9 Day of the Diesels

Poorly written and has so much filler. - FinnsWorld

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10 Thomas & the Magic Railroad

Anyone remember when Mr. conductor try to reach a pair of scissors with his middle finger? >

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11 Misty Island Rescue

Butch, Diesel 10, Harold, Salty, Stanley & Whiff return. - FinnsWorld

Despite the rhyming, it was alright. - FinnsWorld

12 The Great Race The Great Race

I know it hasn't come out yet, but I think it'll be awesome, because:

1. This special will introduce the most new characters to date, at a total of twelve.
2. This special marks the first of a few things.
3. The first full appearance of Flying Scotsman in the television series, and his first appearance since the third season.
4. The first appearance of Vicarstown station in the television series. - FinnsWorld

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