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1 Season 5

This season IS amazing, but it's not the best season in my opinion. - Gametoon

I loved the crashes and it was the one I grew up with

The most iconic and dark episodes

My brother used to watch this one 24/7 lol. - whattheheckamidoing

2 Season 2

Hands down, the Thomas series of my childhood. My favourite character was introduced (Duck). Also, the best narrated series

The first season was great, too, but this one was way better. - Gametoon

Atmosphere can never be replicated. This Season is art if you have the right eye. Seasons 3 and 5 come close though...

My favorite season it’s silly!

3 Season 4

The narrow gauge engines made this season interesting. The standard gauge ones are still good, though. - Gametoon

This is the main season I grew up with. I prefer this season to Season 1 nowadays. I have always loved the narrow gauge engines more than the standard gauge engines because they're smaller. Overall, this is my only favorite season of the model series. The first 14 episodes of the season are the best of Season 4. If it weren't for the narrow gauge engines, I wouldn't love Season 4 much.

Season 4 is one of the most memorable seasons in the series. Duke, Stenpny, and the other characters in the season are well developed and the season was made for 50 years of Thomas. - Sirtopemhat109

Beautiful season

4 Season 1

A great start to the series with great stories. - Gametoon

Nothing beats the original where the stories of a blue tank engine and his friends began.

This season would also be known as the golden age of Thomas and friends.

This season and Season 22 are the best seasons and my favorites.

5 Season 3

My favorite season right here. You got A Scarf For Percy, Donald's Duck, Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, Henry's Forest, Toby's Tightrope, James Goes Buzz Buzz, All At Sea, Escape, Oliver Owns Up, and many other awesome episodes.

My favorite model era season. It had the best stories, great effects and camera work, and the introduction to Thomas music videos. - Gametoon

4 words jam, bees, oliver, camera.

I personaly love this season. best soundtrack, stories, (Escape!, Percy's Promise, and Henry's Forest. Just to name a few.) good characters introduced, and felt very well done. of course Ringo Starr couldn't narrarate it, but Michael Angelis and George Carlin were still great narrarators! and it introduce the music video, which was Thomas' Anthem. But I think if there were a king of seasons besides 1, this would be it. Thank you for reading my opinion.

6 Season 20

Arlesdale engines are cool
there is other good stuff too

Best CGI season. - Gametoon

This Is My 3rd Favourite Season. First Of All, Thomas Is Not The Lead Character In Any Episodes. The New Characters (Glynn, Skiff, Rex, Mike, Bert, Bradford, Ryan & Hugo) Were All Very Good, Except Hugo. Favourites From The Season Would Include: Henry Gets The Express, The Miniature Railway Episodes, Love Me Tender, The Daisy Episodes, Pouty James & Blown Away.

7 Season 6

A lot of good episodes and new characters, however, the narration was terrible. - Gametoon

The last classic season.

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature BoCo? - FinnsWorld


8 Season 7

I consider it the last classic season. - Gametoon

The last season in the classic series.

Or the first in the new series

9 Season 18

Much better than Series 19

Even better than Season 17! - Gametoon

I'm exited for what Andrew plans for us.

Hasn't aired in U.S.A. I think ;3

10 Season 17

This season brought the show back to life. Fantastic episodes, many characters returned, and the CGI is way better than the previous seasons. - Gametoon

This saved the series. Andrew Brenner really seems to know what he was doing, and even in CGI, these episodes can start becoming classics again. So ironic that the series saviour is Andrew Brenner, the one who wrote "Henry's Forrest," an episode highly critisized by Rev.W. Awdry himself.

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Ferdinand? - FinnsWorld

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Bash? - FinnsWorld

The Contenders

11 Season 8

Not bad. Could've been better, but it's really underrated. - Gametoon

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Peter Sam? - FinnsWorld

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Terence? - FinnsWorld

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Duncan? - FinnsWorld

12 Season 22

The Sodor and Australia episodes are good on average. The China episodes are okay on average. The India episodes suck(except Tiger Trouble). - Gametoon

The episodes of this season are very enjoyable and fresh. Quite a treat from Mattel Creations. The balance of episodes between Sodor, China, Australia and India are by far the best in the CGI series. The new characters introduced are very likeable, the return of Ashima, Rajiv, Shane and Yong Bao was lovely, Thomas' adventures in China, India and Australia give him time to explore life outside of Sodor and lastly the entire concept of exploring different cultures and countries is a very interesting and important series of life lessons for children. Season 22 is my favorite season of the CGI series. I definitely love these episodes even more than the special itself. It is in my opinion that Mattel Creations has no intention of ruining something we love. So the older and younger generation of fans have nothing to sweat.

Overall rating for Season 22: 9 / 10

13 Season 19

This sucks and I hate the Series 19-21 theme song

A nice season, although the weakest CGI Brenner season not including BWBA franchise. - Gametoon

14 Season 21

I wish this season lasted longer. - Gametoon

15 Season 16

Terrible. - Gametoon

16 Season 13

Mostly awful episodes. - Gametoon

Thomas and the Runaway Kite, Buzzy Bees, The Lion of Sodor and Playtime are some of my least favorite in the series. Awful season

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Mighty Mac? - FinnsWorld

Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Freddie? - FinnsWorld

17 Season 10

At least it's better than 9, and 12-16. - Gametoon

18 Season 11

The least bad season of the Miller era. - Gametoon


Did you know that this was the first season not to feature Harold? - FinnsWorld

19 Season 9

Like Season 12, lame. - Gametoon

Only season from 8-16 that wasn't a total writeoff.

20 Season 15

I hate this season. There isn't a single good episode in my opinion. - Gametoon

Horrible season! The worst ever!


21 Season 12

It's close to bad, but for me, it's meh. - Gametoon

Should be #1.

22 Season 14

Terrible, but at least it's the best CGI Miller season. - Gametoon

Most underrated season ever. Hence seasons 13-16 of T&F aren't too bad in my book, though I think Arc's Thomas looked better compared to this.

23 Season 23
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