Best Thomas & Friends Songs

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1 Roll Call Roll Call Cover Art
2 Sometimes You Make a Friend Sometimes You Make a Friend Cover Art
3 Gone Fishing Gone Fishing Cover Art
4 Thomas Theme Thomas Theme Cover Art
5 It's Great to Be an Engine It's Great to Be an Engine Cover Art

A version without subtitles can be seen on Rescues on the Railways, Make Someone Happy and Other Thomas Adventures, and The Greatest Stories. In the CGI version, the third verse is omitted and replaced with the first.

It reminds me of people dancing.

6 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Cover Art

A version without subtitles can be seen on Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills, and Thomas, Percy and the Dragon and Other Stories. After the first chorus, the footage is paused, as Bill's steam stops suddenly.

7 The Island Song The Island Song Cover Art

This song gives the perfect feel of the island and how it's like. It's a real tear-jerker too.

Such a beautiful song. Brings tears to my eyes.

8 Night Train Night Train Cover Art

A version without subtitles can be seen on Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories and Spills and Chills and Other Thomas Thrills. It is also available on the official YouTube page. The first few seconds of this song were cut on the Thomas' Train Yard Tracks CD. A close-up of Oliver's whistle is mirrored. The song's melody is based on the post train theme from seasons 3 and 4. The song was featured in the original script of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

In a close-up of Thomas' wheels, a red wire is sticking out from his running board. In a close-up of Percy's whistle blowing, the sky is light when it should be dark.

9 Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Either this or accidents will happen, Sir Topham Hatt or the snow song. The tune is beautiful and very catchy. I found myself humming it at school today out of nowhere. It also has a nice moral. Terence should've definitely gotten more screen time, and more then one face. Man that's creepy. It's also a song where I don't forget the lyrics. One of the best songs ever definitely.

The Norwegian version has a slightly different musical arrangement. The lyrics say "That you don't judge a book by its cover" but the on-screen lyrics only say "Don't judge a book by its cover".

10 Accidents Will Happen Accidents Will Happen Cover Art
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11 Really Useful Engine Really Useful Engine Cover Art

This used to be number 1 before in this list and now it isn't...WHY?!?!

I love this song!

12 Thomas, You're the Leader Thomas, You're the Leader Cover Art
13 Come for the Ride Come for the Ride Cover Art

Much of the footage is sped up. The Japanese, Spanish, and original versions of this music video show a shot of Percy puffing out of Knapford pulling the post train from Thomas, Percy and the Post Train and an extended shot of Thomas, Percy, Henry, and Duck puffing around the three-arched bridge. A version without subtitles can be seen on the UK Happy Holidays VHS, and on the Official Thomas and Friends website on mobile.

14 Percy's Seaside Trip Percy's Seaside Trip Cover Art

A version without subtitles can be seen on Happy Holidays. In the Spanish version, the rooster sound at the beginning is different.

15 James the Splendid Engine James the Splendid Engine Cover Art
16 Thomas' Anthem Thomas' Anthem Cover Art

The very first song written!

17 Donald's Duck Donald's Duck Cover Art
18 Never Overlook a Little Engine

If you think that bigger's better Then you're making a mistake
The ocean isn't wetter than a tiny little lake
A cherry might be tastier than a great big cake
And we can turn around in half the time those big guys take

19 Little Engines Little Engines Cover Art
20 That's What Friends Are For
21 Tatmr the Chase the Clue and the Happy Ending
22 Free and Easy - Thomas and Friends Free and Easy - Thomas and Friends Cover Art
23 Will You Won't You

A very catchy beat

24 Somebody Has to Be the Favorite
25 Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations Cover Art
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