Top Ten Most Thought Provoking and Amusing Quotes

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1 Doesn't Expecting the Unexpected Make the Unexpected Expected?

Well Britgirl... Yes, even the unexpected can get expected when it becomes a routine. However, that's not always true, all the time, fortunately. I saw your reply to my Dinah Washington list. can I put it mildly...I FIND MICHAEL BUBBLE ANNOYING! Haha...sorry, I know that he is liked by many, but I can't find anything appealing to him as an artist or as a man. Have an entertaining, delicious day!

My mind was full out blown reading this Craziness haha! - Curti2594

YOU DON'T LIKE THE BEAUTIFUL MICHAEL BUBLE?!...I'm sorry but I'm going to have to call time on our friendship...haha!
Dear one, have a most pleasant day yourself!

Umm.. Hello again. Your comment about finding Michael Buble annoying upset me so much I forgot to log-in to reply. I wasn't being deliberately anonymous. This comment comes to you, Cooks, with smiles and things.
Do please continue having a pleasant day, won't you? - Britgirl

2 When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left
3 I Wish My Book of Life Was Written In Pencil. There Are a Few Pages I'd Like to Erase.
4 Why Do Stores That Are Open 24/7 Have Locks On Them?

Well? Explain that away, genius! Haha! - Britgirl

5 A Tree Sheds In Winter But Clothes In Summer

Doesn't make any bloody sense. Hmph! - Britgirl

6 If You Can't Get Someone Out of Your Head. . . They're Probably Supposed to Be There. . .

Oh my god! So... So... True. - dhruvchauhan1333

I wonder what made you choose this item...we seem to be of the same mind, Britgirl and I like that fact a lot...
There is someone who refuses to shift from my mind, but I find comfort from this as I know they're always with me even though we are far apart. Your comments and thoughts are spiritual and dreamy and I like to read them.
P.S - I am not the eponymous anonymous. I am someone who admires you from a distance..

7 Why Is the Slowest Traffic of the Day Called, "Rush Hour?"
8 Rllaey It Deson't Mttaer Waht I Wirte Yoll'u Sitll Uanrtednsnd It

Uncanny. I could actually read it straight off. It's only when I read it back it looked weird. - Britgirl

9 There Are Three Types of People In This World: Those Who Can Count and Those Who Can't.

It's like "There Are 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't." - PositronWildhawk

10 Cause you fricking fricks just can' quenched! Your...your fantasies can never be quenched, can they? You fricking fricks! When will you learn?! When will you learn, that your actions have consequences!?

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11 Why Is a Building Called a Building When It's Been Built?
12 I am you
13 If Money Is the Route of All Evil, How Come We Have to Have Jobs?
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