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What do you think are the Top Ten Thousand Foot Krutch Songs?

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21 Smack Down

Get ready for the smack down (owned)...

This song is so underrated it needs to be way higher!

Song is so awesome Nintendo named a Pokemon move after it!

Make it in the top 10 because I love this song men

22 Last Words

Thanks to creating this masterpiece TFK. This is the most awesome song I ever heard. Nice and catchy lyrics. - pradeepbarman

23 Fire It Up

Should be at least in the top 10. Its too good to be higher than the top 10. Its not even in the top 15. Just not right at all. First dong that I've listened to by them. Inspired me to get more albums by them from the library

Are you serious! This song is beast! Why would put this in #18! This is the best song ever! PUT THIS IN THE TOP 3!

Am I the only one who thinks this would be a good theme song for Chili? (Pokémon character) - RiverClanRocks

This is so much better than war of change... seriously people, go listen to masquerade.

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24 Absolute

This is the most awesome song I've ever listened to. It has a wonderful message too. The bass in this song rocks! Trevor's voice is appropriate for the song. And the guitar is so smooth.

Oh my god this song is absolutely amazing. I heard it every time. This is so different from other songs of TFK. - pradeepbarman

Love this song

25 Untraveled Road

This song should be joining the top 10 soon enough.

One of the newer ones, but so good! I've only heard it once, but I'm already singing to it. Dancing with my own moves, and writing with this song. Great beat!

Why is this not number one? I mean guys, really? This is and will always be their best song.

This should be in the top five

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26 I Get Wicked

This song is epic! I'm sure if people listened to it they'll love it! Go listen to it... Now! :D

Best Rap Best Chorus Must Listen - pradeepbarman

This was the first song I heard by them. And then I Googled "the best songs from Thousand Foot Krutch" and thought "I bet I Get Wicked is on the first place". So surprised it's only 25th.

27! WHY?!

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27 Faith, Love, and Happiness

This is my favorite song in the world even out of all the music I listen to I'm angry this is no number one

28 Already Home

Awesome lyrics with a great meaning! Not a hardcore song but should be so much higher!

One of the best TFK songs to date. Powerful Lyrics and amazing vocals from Trevor.

It's a great song with great lyrics and vocal. It should be at least in top 5. Its great emotional rock Ballad

This song should be in the top list beacause it represents a person who has served, worshipped and praised god.

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29 Shook

Come on vote 4 this one

Intense, emotional, deep. All around awesome.

This is their best song!
It sounds awesome
How comes this song isn't in the Top Ten?!?

Energetic, thought-provoking and catchy, this is a must listen for any TTK fan

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30 Step to Me

Come on! Step to me ought to be AT LEAST third after phenomenon and last words. In my opinion it is the best of them all.

BEST song love it, can't believe it's so low down. Move and War of change are also amazing

This song should at least make it to the first page despite it totally being worthy of #1

This should at least be in the top ten.

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31 Puppet

This is my favorite Thousand Foot Krutch song and my favorite TFK music video. It's the best song on the album and their best song over all.

This was the first song I heard by them. Great song and MV. Just makes me wanna mosh. Fun to play on guitar too.

I think it is the best song in the album and it is a song if someone says to change it you say NO

Definitely a throw back, but it's the song that made me fall in love with TFK.

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32 Supafly
33 So Far Gone

So smooth so touching. - pradeepbarman

This one should be #1, or at least #9

No way this should be 28 it's one of their best songs way better than fire it up in my opinion

Number 3

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34 Adrenaline
35 Running With Giants


This song deserves to be on top 1.You will jam with the song once you start listening to it.Definitely deserves number 1 spot.enough said!

36 Feel the Place Go Boom!

This is song is so great. Free download on Itunes as well. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT.

37 Set It Off

Best song overall, they made it 3 time!

Surprised this is way down here

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38 Light Up the Sky

I love when Mcneven scream Light up the sky. - pradeepbarman

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39 New Design

Oh my god I love this song! It makes me sad face knowing it's only in the eighth position of the top ten. It should be way up higher than this 'cause it's awesome! Please keep voting guys!

I'm guessing no one has heard this song before voting. Replay button approves this song

My favorite tfk songs. You guys rock.

40 Everyone Like Me

Seriously?.. This song is better than fly on the wall.. Everyone like me should be on top 10

Tfk is an unsurpassable band and I would like to vote for many of their songs, but this one is my absolute favorite. Its in their old style and reminds me of all the fun times of my childhood.

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