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61 My Home
62 Breathe You In

Such a beautiful song. You should really listen to it

63 New Drug

This one is at least in my top three personal favorites. Truly underrated

64 When in Doubt

A great funky punk rock song. Although I like there new music, this is what best sums up Thousand Foot Krutch. Set it off will always be there best album. You just can't beat the classics!

Oh my god, this is such a great song! One of the best I've ever heard!

Awesome song, that just never gets old! Love it! Keep rawking guys and pleaso go back to Phenomenon times, because after a while it gets to soft. I'm afraid you're gonna go down like Green Day...
But I still love TFK!

The tool-esque bass riff at the start is sick

65 All I Need to Know

I absolutely love this song. I have it on my MP3 player and I listen to it all the time

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66 Complicate You

Oh my god, one of their best songs and 61? How could it be?

Super catchy tune. Love the song

67 Honest V 1 Comment
68 Hurt
69 Quicken

Amazing song from their phenomenal sophomore album

70 Like a Machine
71 Hit the Floor
72 Go
73 This Is a Warning (Intro)
74 Hand Grenade

The chorus vocals and the guitar solo in this song are amazing. Super underrated track

75 What Do We Know

Definitely their most underrated song, amazing!

Great lyrics, a bit different song, not the TFK hard rock, but amazing as hell

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76 My Own Enemy
77 Ordinary
78 Searchlight
79 I See Red

First minute forty? Phenomenal.

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80 Give It to Me
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