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81 Go
82 Make Me a Believer
83 The Introduction
84 Outroduction
85 Outta Control

Why hasn't this song received a higher vote?
It's awesome! Trevors Voice is absolutely breath-taking
And the lyrics are so touching, the meaning is great!
Should definitely have received a higher vote!

86 The Invitation (Intro)
87 Watching Over Me
88 Brother John
89 Sunshyne

Crazy fast rapping, INSANE fast rapping, go listen to this..

90 Small Town
91 The Alternative Song
92 Breather
93 The Last Song
94 Light Up
95 Glow
96 Set Me On Fire

One of the better ones off the Oxygen Album - one that makes them sound different from Nickelback

97 A Different Kind of Dynamite
98 Inhuman
99 Wish You Well

I honestly think this should be given a higher rating.. It's such a beautiful song. Although all the songs by TFK are amazing in their own ways.. I still believe this should be ranked higher.

90TH! HOW? This song is INCREDIBLE! At least should be in the top 10.

This song is calm it gives you a brake for the heavy metal of thousand foot krutch whell have a grate sound

100 Lift It

Old times will always be forgotten someday-i still love these people

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