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1 Metallica or Megadeth?

Definitely Megadeth, they put out a lot of great thrash records where as Metallica only had 4 - ryanrimmel

Metallica. No question about it. - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

Personally, I believe that Metallica was way more influential, but I prefer Megadeth. Both are amazing bands though. - Alpha101

Metallica - christangrant

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2 Best Thrash Metal Album?

Rust in Peace! So many great Megadeth songs there! And this is THRASH, not heavy metal. So it's Megadeth, not Ride the Lightning.

For me, Reign in Blood. Rust in Peace is a close 2nd though - ryanrimmel

Kill em all! My profile picture for 6 months! - gemcloben

Ride the Lighting probably my favorite album of all time - christangrant

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3 Who Was The First Thrash Metal Band?

Metallica was not the first thrash metal band, as Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, and Venom were formed before then. I guess Venom is the first thrash metal band.

Queen and overkill helped. But venom were the first thrash band. Al the big 4 did was popularise it. - gemcloben

Bands like Anvil, Queen, and Overkill all helped lay the foundations, but VENOM was the first thrash band in my opininon - ryanrimmel

Venom I think - christangrant

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4 Best Thrash Metal Band?

Megadeth, because this list is Thrash Metal. Yeah, Megadeth may have sold out, but they came back to their roots and gone great in the 21st century. Though not popular, they were still creative. The new albums still had some distinct sound. If the list were Heavy Metal, Metallica would win in no contest, even with Iron Maiden on it.

Overkill is the best Thrash Metal band since they never really made much bad music, and had better music than any band in the big four. I also like the singer in this band, and his interesting singing voice. However, Exodus, Kreator, Annihilator, and Slayer are also great thrash metal bands.

I don't care who sold out and who did not. It's Metallica. - Kiteretsunu

Metallica - christangrant

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5 Anthrax or Overkill?

Overkill have been more consistent. - IronSabbathPriest

I don't know any songs by Overkill so I'd have to say Anthrax. - Alpha101

No competition at all. Anthrax is better - ryanrimmel

Overkill, Anthrax is good to - christangrant

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6 Reign in Blood or Rust in Peace?

I actually prefer Peace Sells... But Whose Buying over Rust in Peace. However, Reign in Blood is better than both of those albums.

Rust In Peace. I only like some songs from Reign in Blood. I like at least 60% of Rust in Peace.

I prefer countdown to extinction to rust in piece. So, I think they should swap those - gemcloben

Reign in Blood - christangrant

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7 Exodus or Testament?

This is tough. I'm gonna go with Testament because Chuck has a more powerful voice - ryanrimmel

I only like one song by each band. Not a big fan of either of them. - Alpha101

Testament. Chuck is the best Thrash singer. - SoldierOfFortune

Exodus - christangrant

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8 Sodom or Kreator?

Just think, PHANTOM ANTICHRIST. The best comeback album ever. - IronSabbathPriest

Pleasure to Kill is easily a top 5 thrash album. Kreator - ryanrimmel

Kreator, easily.

Sodom - christangrant

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9 Havok or Evile?

Havok plays with more energy and intensity. But Evile is great too, they sorta remind me of Testament - ryanrimmel

Evile is great, and I like Underworld, but I guess Havok is better.

Havok are the best modern thrash band. - gemcloben

Havok! - Brobusky

10 Master Of Puppets or Rust in Peace?

Rust in Peace, although I like Metallica more than 'deth. - Brobusky

Master of puppets

Master of Puppets - christangrant

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11 Annihilator or Coroner?

I like both, but I never became a huge mega-fan of Coroner. Annihilator wins for me - ryanrimmel

TOUGH! Annihilator, but it's basically tied in my opinion. - Brobusky

Coroner! Because Coroner has been consistently better.

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12 Heaviest Thrash Metal Band?


13 Holy Wars or Master Of Puppets?

Obviously, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. The riffs are so very catchy and its still my favorite metal song of all time. - LightningBlade

That is tough. But in a Thrash Metal basis, it's Holy Wars.

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14 Slayer or Venom?

This is tough... Ill go with Slayer - NikoX

15 Reign In Blood vs Master of Puppets vs Peace Sells... But Whose Buying

Peace Sells... But Whose Buying is a really great album. - LightningBlade

16 Reign in Blood or Pleasure to Kill?
17 Is Thrasher a Band?

Yes, it is a band that is currently split up. They were mostly New York based musicians. It was put together, produced, directed and arranged by The Rods drummer Carl Canedy, in partnership with Blue Cheer guitarist Andy MacDonald, upon the instigation of Combat Records. - LightningBlade

18 Reign in Blood or Black Metal?

both - Ananya

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