Top 10 Thrash and Speed Metal Songs on Albums that Aren't Thrash or Speed Metal


The Top Ten

1 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

A Thrash Metal song on a Hard Rock Album - christangrant

2 A Light in the Black - Rainbow
3 Highway Star - Deep Purple
4 Fuel - Metallica

Yes while Metallica is a Thrash Metal band Reload is not a Thrash Album but however it does have 1 Thrash song on it: Fuel which of course has many elements of Thrash it has the Speed it has the riffs and it has the overuse of the Snare drum. And if you want to argue then heres my argument: If Jump in the Fire from Kill Em All is a Thrash song than so is this because its heavier than that song is and has more thrash elements in it - christangrant

5 Burnnn! - Pantera Burnnn! - Pantera

Yes Pantera did a Speed Metal song on album called Power Metal which isn't a Power Metal album but this is a Great speed metal song - christangrant

My favorite song from this album and yes, it's an excellent speed metal song. What's unusual here is that Pantera aren't known for this metal style.
This song is really fast and has a great solo, riff, vocals, chorus. Some of Anselmo's highest notes ever are in this song and sound pretty Halford-esque. - Metal_Treasure

6 Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple

The first Speed Metal song - christangrant

7 Fast as a Shark - Accept

A speed metal song on a mostly trad Heavy Metal album - christangrant

8 Kill the King - Rainbow
9 Fireball - Deep Purple
10 Symptom of the Universe - Black Sabbath

While I don't think its completely a Thrash Song it has some Thrash Elements in it - christangrant

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