Top Ten Threats to Tell Dora the Explorer of Making Another Episode or Season


The Top Ten

1 I will slit your throat if you make another episode of Dora
2 I will have you shipped to Syria if you ever make another season of Dora

The soldiers kill Dora! That will be a perfect way to end the Syrian Civil War. - AlexImmortal420

3 I will invite Chuck Norris to kill you if I see you on TV again
4 If you make another episode i will have JB and you super glued in a box forever

And JB will sing Baby forever while Dora is desperate to get out and SHE CAN'T - AlexImmortal420

5 I will have the TopTens users torture you if you make another episode
6 I will hang you naked if seen on tv
7 I will feed you to the great white sharks if you make another episode
8 I will post your head on a different naked body on all the internet if i see you on tv again
9 We will throw you in a volcano if i see you on tv
10 You will be buried alive if seen on tv again

The Contenders

11 If you make another episode, i will beat your head with a jagged piece of metal.
12 I will have Combustion Man blow you up if you make another episode
13 I will blow you up
14 I will turn you into a human pretzel
15 I will tear off your backpack and shove it down your windpipe!!!

Then I'll set fire to her grave and then I'll find all of the other characters kill them and send them all to the deepest parts of Hell where they came from. The End

16 If you make another episode of Dora the Explorer or Dora and Friends I will dig a hole that leads to the inner core and I will push you down! And I will also find any machines that revive you and destroy them all!

A reference to my own DeviantArt Fanfiction series called "Killing Dora" - AlexImmortal420

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