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1 Animal I Have Become Animal I Have Become Cover Art

I voted for this because I like to think about when I'm angry and if people just saw me I would think like this and also I just love the lyrics.

Best song with Adam Gontier in the band! Why did he leave the band anyway 😢? I wish he was still in it. Him and Matt Walst would be great in the band together.

So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have become! I can relate this song to many things, but that's not the only reason I like it. The singer manages to sing while screaming, which seems super hard. In my opinion, this and Pain are their two best songs.

On my opinion it's their very best.
It has a lot of energy and amazing lyrics everyone can relate to!
I could play it over and over (pun laugh out loud) without getting tired of it.
Never Too Late is also a pure rock and powerful song but Animal I Have Become should definitely be 1st!

2 Never Too Late Never Too Late Cover Art

I can relate to this song so well because... Well, my dad hates himself a lot and he has told me that he's had suicidal thoughts before and has even tried to commit suicide multiple times before. My mom's going to divorce him and if she does, he'll end up killing himself. And I can't tell my mom or else she'll freak and she's under enough stress as it is. So I have to find a way to let him know that it's gunna be okay and keep him from doing it. This is my favorite 3DG song ever! All my old faves are on the One-X album. But this one is definitely my all time favorite! I love this so much! When I'm going thru my playlist and I hear the beginning of Never Too Late, I immediately have to stop and listen. I always cry when I listen to this! I LOVE this song so much!

Along with "Last To Know" and "Time of Dying", this is my absolute favorite song. It reminds me of what I say to my friends and what they say to me! ^w^ -Rose13

Behold, the song that saved me. I wouldn't have been the person that I am today had it not been for this song. I love Animal I Have Become, but I prefer Never Too Late simply because of how it affected my life. From the beginning guitar, to one of Adam's best performances EVER, to the heavy hitting message, this song has it all! It really is never too late to start over and begin again, and I thank this song for helping me realize that

Amazing song with amazing lyrics. As a person who once had suicidal thoughts, this song appeals to me, and so many other people. A friend had played this song for me during my dark era, and it made me happy. This song is just right for you when your life is in a time of darkness, or even just any other day. Do yourself a favor and listen to this song. You won't regret a second of it!

3 I Hate Everything About You I Hate Everything About You Cover Art

This is just one of those songs that I love. This is Three Days Grace's best song when it comes to lyrics. Lost In You is probably the closed to this song. It is romantic, but unlike Lost in You it is edgy. It's got a great beat and if it wasn't for Animal I Have Become I would say it is their best. Never Too Late should lowed to third and Lost In You should be brought up to fourth. In my opinion.

This...brought me to Three Days Grace. A year ago, I remembered a song with an awesome beat, but forgot the name, until my friend made me listen to that same song...I Hate Everything About You was it's name. This was the base of my love for 3DG!

Just love it! It sounds really dark and shallow, but when you listen to it, you find out it's just an awesome song, and in fact, the lyrics are true for most of us! Fantastic vocals, as well Definitely worthy of #1!

To me, Animal I've Become is very good, but it doesn't even come in the ball park as far as I Hate Everything About You. This song kind of defined them as a band after they broke up in 1995 and came together again.

4 Time of Dying Time of Dying Cover Art

The song encourages me! It has deep but catchy lyrics. I think the meaning of this song is when we feel broken, raged or betrayed don't try to attempt suicide because there must be a special person who will be our light, who make us feel alive and we will probably try not to die for that special person who is trying to encourage us.

EASILY their best song. It even outperforms Animal I Have Become, being a close second though. This song is pretty much what got me into music. When I heard it I knew I had to get the album and then I had to get the rest of the albums and then I started listening to more bands and I owe it all to this one AMAZING song. #1 always.

Such an exciting song with a great performance from all band members. While the lyrics depict hopelessness, the song's tone tells you that the person will keep on fighting. It makes you want to hold out for the cute you need for your problem instead of giving up.

This song is the best punk tock song of all time!, It's so motivating after your done listiening to this song over and over again you will like you can pass any obstacle its just pure awesome if you don't like then you should see a doctor beacause seriously you might have
Problems. Time of dyin!

5 Riot Riot Cover Art

This song dosn't really have a story, but it has that feeling you have after you have went through so much crap and you don't wanna take it anymore and you wanna stand up for yourself and fight for what's right for you. It's really a song about emotion and expression and it's one of the songs Adam wrote while he was in prison. The other songs he wrote while in prison were "Never Too Late," "Animal I Have Become," "Pain," "Over And Over," "One-X," and "Gone Forever."

You really should fight for yourself. Just make sure you make the right choices. Don't party, do drugs, have sex, vandalize, or do other really bad things.

I love it. I listen to it when I'm pissed off or in a bad mood, and it helps me a lot! I can listen to it even when I am happy. The music is just perfect! When I listen to it, I really want to make a riot! Wow I love this song, it should be at least on third place! It makes me feel energetic and dynamic. Love this song, let's start a riot! 8)

Let's start a RIOT! Super song!
1 Thing
2 say
3 Days Grace
4 ever!
5 stars!
Three Days Grace all the way!
Great vocals! Really wants to make you start a riot! GO three Days Grace!

This song is the MOST badass song I've heard. It even makes you FEEL like a badass. It's by far my favorite song. Though animal I have become is a real badass, riot is better, I mean LETS'S START A RIOT!

6 Break Break Cover Art

I love this song! Why is it #4? It should be #1! Come on everyone lets vote for this song and make it #1! That's where it needs to be! Not #4 that's just not gonna cut it. We need to get this song to the top. Its 100 times better than "Never too late"! So I need everyone to help me get it to the top! If you agree with me send put like on it help me out. We can do this altogether. And it needs to be done... So please help if yo will...

I think everyone got used to the older music. Their new album blew me a way! Some artist deteriorate as they get older. These guys have stepped it up and I can't get enough of the new CD. Break and the Good Life are just phenomenal.

I also love the music video, especially when they use shades of black, grey, pink, and white. and maybe it's just me but, Adam kinda looks like he's dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. for those of you who've seen that movie you know what I'm talking about.

You've gotta be kidding me. Such an epic song, and whenever I'm angry, I just blare this song out. The best song to listen to when you're frustrated. #4 is too low for this one.

7 Pain Pain Cover Art

This song is one of the most relatable songs ever... "I like it rough, 'because I'd rather feel pain than nothing' at a-a-all!". It describes my depressing thoughts... -Rose13

I have to say that this is the BEST Three Days Grace song. I've been a fan of their's for about two years now. I love close to all of their songs and they are truly talented. This was one of the first songs I heard by them. If you're interested in hearing more 3DG songs, look up "Lost in you" "Wake up" "Last to know" "Expectations" and "The High Road". Don't forget about "Chalk Outline"!

One of the best songs I have ever heard. So easy to keep listening to it on replay. Chorus is amazing, so much put behind it. This song would be on my dads radio when I was 6 and I thought "Why would someone want to feel pain rather than nothing? " But now I understand it. Great song!

Pain is the best song they have on this whole list I don't understand how it didn't get #1 how stupid are you guys really? This is the bast song they have ever made! If you haven't listened to this song I really suggest you do and then rate for it!

8 Home Home Cover Art

Best song on earth! Well duh the other songs above this one are epic but this so g gives you a nice feeling to listen. This kick ass song has great lyrics and voice by Adam and epic background music. When I first heard this it made my day or well my month!

This is 3Dg's second best song till date. I (personally) feel that their first album was the best. One-X and Life Starts Now were good, but Three Days Grace was something... Legendary. This song deserves to be No. 2, and I Hate.. As No. 1.

Probably the Heaviest Three Days Grace Song I've heard, right up there with riot and it's all over. God Damn, The emotional impact and the fact that it's a kickass metal song really gives it a high spot. Please, People, Listen before you Vote!

Out of all the songs of Three Days Grace, this one's my favorite because how it makes you feel, EMPOWERED. Despite the sadness, what a great feeling this song offers you! No. 2 for me would be Never Too Late.

9 Just Like You Just Like You Cover Art

In my opinion, this is a song about thinking that one person was trying to guide you through obsticles, but then realizing that, that person is just abusing you and does not care about you at all. You finally stand up for yourself against that person (or any kind of true horrible person) using the same actions he/she used on you.

This is my favorite song by them AND my favorite ever! I wish it was number one but I have heard the first 6 which I own and love. As soon as I heard this song I was in love. I wish I could sing it to some people I know. 3DG forever!

One of the originals, first song I personally heard from the band, can still see the moment in time. Very fitting for the for the group and myself. This is the song I always think of when I hear someone mention 3DG.

Good song definitely a great Three Days Grace song, really enjoyed the chorus and the ending of the song. Plus it's a great listen highly recommend it to new Three Days Grace listeners!

10 World So Cold World So Cold Cover Art

The most true song from 3 days grace.
We do live in an insensitive world now. Philosophy aside, this song's sheer simplicity is what makes it so much better than some of the songs above.Its much like 'Gone forever' and 'I hate everything about you'.
It is not the instruments but rather the silence between the midst of the song which just gets the blood pumping as it allows you to hear the lyrics clearly and understand the true feel of the song.

Absolutely a song that should be in the top 10. What a banger, I tell you what. The drumming is kickass and the vocals are fantastic.

This song is absolutely fantastic. It came around at just the time when I needed it most when I was trying to get over some troubles in my personal life with a friend. I still get emotional listening to it today.

This is absolutely one of the three best songs of three days grace, it is so melodic and perfect, and a way better than pain and riot.

The Contenders

11 Over and Over Over and Over Cover Art

Geez guys. At least give it a listen the whole way through. It really grows on you...

Personally I love this song much more than any of the others. It got me hooked on to Three Days Grace.

It's the first song I heard from three days grace and for this song I'm a three days grace freak now. I think it deserves to be at the top. The meaning is really good and the music is awesome too.

Come on guys 12th seriously? I admit the starting is not so good but the bridge and the chorus is just awesome. Just listen to it one more time and give it a vote.

This song is seriously so beautiful. It relates to me in so many ways. This should be in the top 10. Way better than all the others!

12 Get Out Alive Get Out Alive Cover Art

This song is one of the most creative and unique ones of all of their songs. Although not my absolute favorite, I still find this one amazing! -Rose13

I wish this was played everywhere because I can't get this song to play on Spotify one and still plays every other song 4 times.

I agree there is so much feeling in this song it should be at five but its not even in the top tens I belive this one and never to late go well together just this the first line of this song has so much feeling "this is my last time he said as he faded away don't put your life in someone else's hands their bound to steal it away" I mean this is a great song all around.

I've bought all of their albums, and I just love listening to them, But the people voting OBVIOUSLY don't know what they're talking about. There is so much emotion in this song, it's like having an orgasm. Multiple times. My opinion.

13 The Good Life The Good Life Cover Art

The Good Life all the way. I have no idea how this song isn't in the top 5. Everything about this song is amazing. I can personally relate to the lyrics, "All I want is a little of the good life".. Three Days Grace is an amazing band and this is an amazing song.

I personally think this should be fourth, after Never Too Late, Animal I Have Become and I Hate Everything About You, not 8th. This is a really great song, definitely one of their best ever songs. I highly recommend this song, guys. It is worth searching up on YouTube! ;D Vote for The Good Life!

It's simply an amazing song, the beat, vocals and above all the lyrics. Just superb, I'm disappointed when saw it at 8th place. It deserves to be in top 5.

Awesome beat, crazy lyrics, addictive vocals, wicked riffs all throughout and the "oh, whoa"s did it for me. So why is this not in the top five? Man.

14 Gone Forever Gone Forever Cover Art

"... I'm not lying, denying that I feel SO much better, now... That you're gone forever..."

Well, this certainly owns a top 10 place as is... And its awesome man! Of course, the intro, the voice and the words sync heavenly well too... By and by, its good!

I have been listening to three days grace since I discovered rock music about a year ago, this song has to be in the top 5 with how emotional and great his vocals are. It's not their heaviest but damn sure good.

I feel that all 3DG songs are subjective, because they all have different meanings. Someone who went threw a break up would appreciate Gone Forever and Last to Know. For me pursenly, Gone forever currently relates to me the most.

A great change of pace from all those songs today about either hating someone or wanting them. Also a great song to do with him getting over the painkillers

15 Last to Know Last to Know Cover Art

It's so empowering at the end! This is one of the songs that encouraged me to listen to more of their music! Now I know the majority of their songs, especially from the One-X album, although the song "One-X" isn't as good as the rest of them. -Rose13

How is this not in the top ten? T_T This song should be in the top five, at least! Come on, I bet most of you who've voted haven't listened to this song yet. This is one of their softer songs, and it just really touches my emotions. The ending verses are brilliant, for the song takes you through the story until the moment the singer retaliates (perhaps too strong of a word? ) and gets over his lost love. The flood of emotion and angst is just breath-taking.

I was the that this not in the top 5... Why is it not higher? Should be at least in the Top 10... Really love this song... The meaning is really good and the music is awesome too... Everyone vote for this song... Long live three days grace
1 thing
2 say
3 days grace
4 ever and ever
three days grace for life!

Amazingness redefined by this song.. My personal favourite.. Awesome lyrics.. Adam gontier as always great voice..! Little slow but second part is refurbishing... Definitely deserves top 3 place..

16 Chalk Outline Chalk Outline Cover Art

A fantastic revolution for 3DG
Kicking off as Dubstep (laugh out loud) then moving on to a fantastic Rock song with amazing vocals and music

Adam attacks the song brutally this time and experiments his voice levels making the song a good combination of singing, Barry adds a touch of electronic rock and a good fast Solo and Niel adds some epic drumming to the song along with Brad's usual awesome bass.

This song is a good opening for the new album and surely one of 3DG's best and most PERFECT songs, good job 3DG!

This song has an amazing heavy metal amp intro and is an amazing song. This should be number one because it is amazing and a good amount in hard rock. He is actually speaking how any human would feel in some part of there life. The bass, drums, guitar, and vocals is amazing. Every one who is reading this should vote because I'm sure as hell that you have no taste in music

I was searching the web for good rock bands and new songs, using the Top Tens "best rock bands" list, yet everything was just bland, some of it I wouldn't even call rock, I tried radiohead for the first time and it was just ughhgh. But of course I come back to Three Days Grace and my instant thought listening to this song was "Now here is some good rock music" so I've gotta upvote this

This song just has so many layers to it, my favourite lyric is definitely "You'll be sorry baby, some day, when you reach across the bed, where my body used to lay... " It just seems like such a perfect metaphor for the topic, why is this not top 10?!

17 I Am Machine I Am Machine Cover Art

What! This song kicks ass! Yes it might not have adam but he's done with 3 days grace now so they needed an new replacement any the new guy rocks, not as much as adam but still. Awesome melody, great guitar work, easily belongs on the top ten at least.

Amazing song that can get you insanely pumped up! Great song with the new lead singer! Since it's a newer song though it's unfortunately not gonna make it to the top 10 like it should.

Listen to this song on repeat all the time. Should be in the top 5 at least.

This song is amazing! Yes I do feel adam's absence, but the new guy's not bad

18 No More No More Cover Art

My favourite Three Days Grace song (with I Hate Everything About You coming very close), and one of my favourite songs altogether. This is one of the most gripping and amazing songs I have ever heard, out of all of the thousands of songs I've heard. Everything about this song is incredible: the almost tranquil intro leading into intense emotion straight away for the verses, leading into epic choruses which are outcries of emotion and are very gripping. And that guitar after the second chorus... Wow. Those guitar notes are beautiful, I could listen to them over and over.
I seriously can't believe how underrated this song is. It was never released as a single but should have been, and it is outranked on this list by songs that aren't as good but are more catchy. which isn't right. I know its all down to opinion, but seriously... It is fact that this is an incredible song and deserves a much better position on the official list than this. Please vote for this song people, and put it ...more

I have literally went days straight listening to this song, it has a melodic guitar intro but then it gets a little heavy, it is full of Adam Gontier's signature distortion sound and his melodic vocals, you will also hear him harmonizing with himself. The lyrics are easily relatable to most people and is very mesmerizing. I think this is Three Days Grace's most underrated song out there and should be much higher, listen to it people and vote.

Recently I've grown to like this song even more than I did before. The whole thing, starting from the beginning just kinda gives you chills (in a good way)... and it doesn't stop. The moments right before the guitar solo when it slows better prepare yourself or the guitar solo is going to blow you away. Seriously.

Everything about this song is simply amazing! My favourite Three Days Grace song, by far.

19 The High Road The High Road Cover Art

I can't believe this is 24th position... It should be on top. I love this song so much. It's a great song by TDG. Everybody rate and get this song on top. This is one of my favourite songs and I think this is the best song by TDG. By the way All the songs of Three Days Grace are Good but I think this one is the best song I've ever heard

Such a beautiful song, with some magical singing
This song is better than all alternative songs I've ever heard
This will beat Green Day and Linkin Park by far!

Three days grace are having a musical revolution that will lead them to glory!

This song is about getting yourself outta problem with the help of the one you love, and the answer will that person help you or not will make you realize are you as important to that person as that person is important to you. Love this song

Really deep song gets in touch with your emotions and they didn't disappoint
The rest of their songs are good on their new album but this 1 is the best!

20 Painkiller Painkiller Cover Art

This is the classical Three Days Grace comeback song. With their brand new lead vocalist Matt Walst. He has such a fresh voice. This song is amazing. Makes me want to hit the replay button over and over again. Three days grace forever.

Matt brings a new energy to the band that was needed when Adam left. He has a voice that can cover various sub genres of rock and the band sounds amazing both instrumentally and vocally.

Used to play it on Rock Band when I was seven... The first Three Days Grace song I listened too... Adam is generally way better, but this is the best song from Matt that I have ever listened to!

Where's "fallen angel" best song by 3 days grace after painkiller... Is it even in the list... I came down the list searching for Fallen angel but found painkiller at #25... I hate this list

21 The Real You The Real You Cover Art

Only at 32!? This song us amazing and should at least be in the top 5. This is my favorite song by them at the moment, and I just can't get enough of it. Great song, deserves to be higher!

Beautiful song!

22 Wake Up Wake Up Cover Art

This has recently become one of my favorite TDG songs, It was described by Adam one time to be asking for a second chance but never getting it. That is like the antithesis to nearly every situation involving second chances in any form of entertainment. It is also probably closer to reality as well.

Wake Up and Let it Die are my two favorites. A little softer on the background music to emphasize the vocals. Very beautiful and catchy.

Just Perfect, it's got a nice intro, and solid riffs who really complement all the singing. Over and Over, Home and Wake up should be replacing The Good Life, Gone Forever and World so Cold on the top 10

I love this song because out of all the Three Days Grace songs Wake up and Over and Over can be related to me but ake up is more understanding than Over and over but that is my opinion.

23 Let It Die Let It Die Cover Art

One of my favorite songs of 3DG. Crisp lyrics, amazing guitar, and a very good meaning. It is a total break up song. Should definitely have been in the top 10 list. Two Thumbs Up.

I just got this song recently and I'm already in love with it. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite songs! In fact, I'm listening to it now :D just overall a great song. Deserves more than to be ranked 19th!

This song should be in top ten. I love this song. I ve became fan of three days grace by hearing this song. Never too late is also awesome

Why is this not in the top ten? I love this song! Melodic chorus, great lyrics, and can relate to many people.

24 It's All Over It's All Over Cover Art

No words to describe the adrenaline rush on hearing the song. Great song. I wish I could vote for every song on the list! !
Three Days grace rock and they are going to come out with a fourth album.

Underrated song of 3DG. Should be up there with Animal I have become. Its almost as good. But its three days grace, how can one not think every song is the best. Every song is Great and meaningful.

Should be in top 10!
It's all over for you and so it seems, at number 24, it is for this song
It's on the edge and needs votes!

I love the intro when I have headphones in. One of the best songs by them

25 Take Me Under Take Me Under Cover Art

It's unique and I am addicted to it, it should have been in the top 10.
I don't know what makes it so special, but it's amazingly perfect. It just got stuck in my head, the first time I heard it. If I'd sit to describe it, I'd fail, it's beyond what words can describe. You better hear it yourself.

Different style but underrated, just short of my favorite and it deserves a better spot on the list

Amazing song, deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Learnt to play it on guitart recently, just an awesome song over all.

Addicting, heartfelt, and quite powerful.

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