Never Too Late


I can relate to this song so well because... Well, my dad hates himself a lot and he has told me that he's had suicidal thoughts before and has even tried to commit suicide multiple times before. My mom's going to divorce him and if she does, he'll end up killing himself. And I can't tell my mom or else she'll freak and she's under enough stress as it is. So I have to find a way to let him know that it's gunna be okay and keep him from doing it. This is my favorite 3DG song ever! All my old faves are on the One-X album. But this one is definitely my all time favorite! I love this so much! When I'm going thru my playlist and I hear the beginning of Never Too Late, I immediately have to stop and listen. I always cry when I listen to this! I LOVE this song so much!

Behold, the song that saved me. I wouldn't have been the person that I am today had it not been for this song. I love Animal I Have Become, but I prefer Never Too Late simply because of how it affected my life. From the beginning guitar, to one of Adam's best performances EVER, to the heavy hitting message, this song has it all! It really is never too late to start over and begin again, and I thank this song for helping me realize that

Most inspirational song by Three Days Grace. Has literally saved hundreds of lives through paradigm shifts, and realization of alternatives. IF any song deserves to be #1 then this is it. Three Days Grace is known for singing about sorrow, but this song proves even the melancholy pros have inspiration to share. So turn up your stereo a few decibels and let "Never Too Late" fill the air! ~waveydaveywaves

This is my favorite Three Days Grace song of all time. It's hard to pick really. Other songs that come close would be: Take Me Under, Animal I Have Become, Time of Dying, World So Cold. The reason this is my favorite is that its a message to all the people out there who think their lives are worthless. Which that is never the case. It's Never Too Late to start again. - vinny402

Amazing song with amazing lyrics. As a person who once had suicidal thoughts, this song appeals to me, and so many other people. A friend had played this song for me during my dark era, and it made me happy. This song is just right for you when your life is in a time of darkness, or even just any other day. Do yourself a favor and listen to this song. You won't regret a second of it!

Absolutely their best song, it has rock for those who love rock and its also slow at some parts and they blended the music very well. Also, the lyrics are just incredible, they provide a sense that there's always that someone looking out for you and that someone will help you feel like its never too late to try to fix your mistakes. Its perfect.

This song legit saved my life. I know lots of people say that about music, but I honestly don't know if I'd still be here if it weren't for this song. One of my favourite songs of all time. With impeccable vocals, meaningful lyrics and an awesome videoclip, this is the best Three Days Grace song ever.

I started listening to three days grace after I first heard this song. The lyrics is fabulous along with the composition. The soft start really turns the feel up and slowly takes it to another level. This is a smartly made song. It deserves to be in the top 3

I once had a suicidal friend who was about to kill herself until I sang this song to her and she realized what she was doing and how she tries so hard to stay alive everyday and she couldn't just end her life

! The best song on earth! This is a touching song to people with depression, and to help people who have been abused as little children. This song has a full meaning and is worth downloading. Why is this NOT on number one?!

This is a song about leaving behind all the terrible things about life on earth and trying to find an even higher hope above. being in a dark and scary place but trying to find a way out. I bet most people who have went through the worst moments imaginable have felt the same feeling this song intended for. this truly is three days grace's best song.

Without this song, I don't know where I would be today. every time I have a bad day or get upset, listening to this song makes everything better and gives me hope. Thank you three days grace

Makes me think about friends who have wanted to commit suicide, then realized it's never too late to turn things around. Thanks Three Days Grace, for helping me through hard times.

This song here has helped me through so much. It has many different meanings for me and every time I hear it I find myself in a place I could live forever. The best song they have ever written for sure.

I love this song it has talked me down from the ledge and truly expresses the hope one must have to deal with depression great song that everyone could learn something from

I love this video so much whenever I feel like I am falling over the edge all I have to do is listen to this and it makes me see what I have in life. This song is my favourite ever

Very good song and explains why suicide is never the answer. You know it just hits you in the feels every time, definitely a Three Days Grace classic.

One thing and one thing only, this song tells me that it's never too late to come outta that dark dark place you may be in, and it's never too late to not end your life end of story.

I'm a three days grace fan, next level. I've heard all their songs I know a LOT about the band, anyway I say this because I KNOW Never too late is better than animal I have become. I love both so much. And most of you will say that it's an opinion. But factually never too late was declared the best of the album by Adam gontier hiself! Watch the interviews.

This is my 2 favorite song by Three days grace. But I'm a little surprised on how my 1 favorite song, Get out alive. Was not on here. But votes aside, thank you three days grace for making my life easier

I love this song it is almost my top fave I can't choose between animal I have become and gone forever car crash fallen angel ugh I love them all but this one certainly deserves number 2 if not 1

It's best song they have, their other songs aren't even tenth as good as this one, but this one is probably one of best songs ever made, so strong

In the hardest time of my life I heard this song. And now I found it again and I LOVE IT! It's THE song! Thank you, Three Days Grace, for existing!

I think that this song will distract everyone from their homework. Because that's something that I should be doing right now (well I actually am working on a music project. Like a boss! )

Takes the words outta your mouth if you really want t turn your life around. I personally prefer Animal I've Become and Riot when it comes to pumping me up,